Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Things I Am NOT a Fan Of

1. the Nuva Ring
(in my opinion it should be called
The Ring of Satan)

2. the creepy Old Navy mannequins.

3. cleaning the crock-pot.
love using it, HATE cleaning it.

4. pickles
(the food, not Shan's precious girl Pickles-
she's adorable)

5. people who have not learned
the oh so important rule
"If you can't say something nice,
don't say anything at all".

6. starbucks.
(sorry- i know lots of people love it- just not me)

7. farm town on facebook.
(and of course my husband LOVES it)

8. the office.
i've tried watching it-because so many people love it but
i just do not get it. at all.

9. people who act super stinkin' irritated when you ask them
to do something that is THEIR JOB.

10. ending a list in an odd number.
seriously bothers me for some odd (ocd?) reason.