Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Randomness on a Wed. Morning

1. I've taken cold/allergy medicine the past two nights and had some CRAZY dreams.

-Monday night I dreamed that I was giving tours of George Bush's house and I knew NOTHING and was so nervous b/c I was making up all sorts or random crap.

-Last night I dreamed that my car was stolen and inside was my iphone, my camera, my laptop, and all my makeup! Can you imagine the horror?

I'm kind of scared to take some medicine tonight. :(

2. I've decided that when I die, I do NOT want a funeral. I want all my friends and family to go to Sonic during happy hour, and have a Diet Coke in my memory. No flowers, no tears, no sadness. Wouldn't that be GREAT?

3. I've stumbled upon what I think is a FABULOUS way to get Madison to stop leaving clothes on her bathroom floor- which was something she used to do ALL the time. CONSTANTLY. I told her on Sat. night that every piece of clothing I found on the bathroom floor meant 1 day that I would take away her cell phone. She was not happy about this idea, but guess what? Since Sat. night- the floor has been SPOTLESS!

4. I am wearing socks today that have little tiny scrambled eggs, frying pans, toast, coffee cups, and oatmeal on them. It's crazy sock day.

5. Tomorrow is Maggie Lee for Good Day and we have a great list going of some things we are going to do. Madison's main idea- the one she came up with on her own- is my favorite. It involves her spending quite a lot of her own money and she wants to do it anonymously. Makes this mommy so happy and proud. Can't wait to hear about all the fabulous things people are going to do in Maggie Lee's memory!


  1. #3. YOU.ARE.BRILLIANT. I'm thinking of applying that to a certain 13-year-old's bedroom. Hmm...

  2. Taking your makeup, why how dare they do something like that? I get those dreams when I take a sleeping pill. Ugh.

    I love your idea for Madison. Very cool mom that you are!

  3. I've been having weird dreams too. Monday night I dreamt that I had my wisdom teeth taken out (which I need to do!)and all I had was a couple of the front of my mouth.

  4. Thanks for the reminder about tomorrow. I almost forgot.

    I would rather have a diet coke from Sonic with you one day than in memory of