Thursday, October 29, 2009

Maggie Lee for Good

Maggie Lee Henson was a beautiful and vibrant 12 year old who died from a traumatic brain injury she suffered when her church camp bus flipped
and landed on her on July 12, 2009, while on the way to youth camp.

Today would have been Maggie Lee’s 13th birthday and thousands
(over 17,800- isn't that AWESOME!)
have committed to performing acts of kindness in her honor and memory.

Check out the Maggie Lee for Good website or
go to the Maggie Lee....for Good! group on Facebook
to see all of the amazing things done in her memory and honor today!

I started my day by going to Sonic on my way to work-
as I do every single morning.

But instead of purchasing just my regular Rt. 44 Diet Coke,
today I also purchased a gift card that would pay for 25 addition Rt. 44 drinks.
I asked my favorite Sonic guy
(I had prayed he would be there on the way to work- not the cranky guy- and he was!!)
to use the card to pay for the next
25 people that came through the line ordering a drink.

I gave him little cards that I printed out with the
Maggie Lee logo as well as an explanation of the reason for their little treat.

I also baked a bunch of brownies last night,
packaged them with Maggie Lee for Good stickers,
and handed them out both at work
and sent some with Madison to school to give out.

I have a few other things I am doing in Maggie Lee's memory,
but they will have to remain a secret,
because I am doing them anonymously.

My heart has ached all day long thinking of the pain
that I can only imagine that Jinny and John are feeling today-
on Maggie Lee's 13th birthday.

But I know that they are also feeling such great joy hearing of the thousands
of kind things being done in Maggie Lee's honor and memory.

It's not too late- will you do something kind in Maggie Lee's memory?