Friday, October 23, 2009

The Hole

My sweet girl is a smart girl- she's in advanced classes and makes great grades.

But sometimes, she does things that make me wonder a little (alot) about her common sense.

Last night while she was at dance, I was on Facebook.

One of her dance friends, who I am also friends with, posted the following status:
MW is laughing sooo hard! Leave it to madison to get her finger stuck in a hole in the wall and me stand beside her and laugh at her while ms jessica is teachin!

I thought UH OH, surely she's not talking about my Madison, right?

Well then another of her friends from dance posts this status:
KB my poor friend got her finger stuck in the wall at pointe. Totally made my day :)

At that point, I knew it had to be my Madison.

So I sent her a text - below is our conversation:

Me: How in the world did you get your finger stuck in the wall goober?
Madison: He he he did u know about that?
Me: Facebook. How DID you?
Madison: well there is a hole in the wall and i had never seen it b4 and we were just standing there and i .....well stuck my finger in the wall and it got stuck. :/
Me: dork
Madison: now it's all swollen cuz it took us like 10 minutes to get it out......but it gave everyone a good laugh
Me: i love you crazy girl

When she got home she told me the whole story and I said:
So the moral of the story today is..............

And she replied:
Never stick your finger in a hole in the wall.

Sometimes I sure do wonder about that girl.
(I think she gets it from her dad :)
But she sure does crack me up!