Tuesday, September 8, 2009


What's one simple thing that brings you joy?


  1. There are so many! Snuggling on the couch watching a movie with my hubby, going on a walk on a crisp fall day, watching my husband play his guitar, my calico cat asking for attention, my male cat playing fetch (yes he actually does sometimes!), my puppy dog playing fetch, making a low-calorie but savory meal. As you have said so many times, it IS the little things that give one joy!

  2. Watching a movie with the hubs.
    Reading a good book.
    Playing Scrabble.
    Sleeping in.
    A good meal, made together.
    Sharing the same goals.

  3. One? Seriously?

    If I have to say just one, I'd say listening to my bell necklace jingle as I walk. :o)

  4. A Saturday to myself, with no obligations, & a new book waiting.

  5. surprising a sweet friend at work with a special treat. :)

  6. when hubby surprises me with any kind of gift, whether it is flowers, a movie or chunky monkey ice cream.