Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chalkboard Winners

drew two names for the little chalk boards
(okay well I didn't actually draw them- I had my sweet friend Dory
pick two numbers between 1 and 25- she had no idea what it was for until afterwards)
and the winners are:

Heather from Domestic Extraordinaire


Morning T from Morning T

(Heather and Morning T- please email me at
with your mailing address and I'll get them in the mail to you this week!)

I went to Michael's to see if they had any of the dollar frames left and sadly they did not.

But I did find some other cute things for a dollar,
so check back on Thursday and
I'll show you what I did with them.

It's a craft that is easy and inexpensive- two of my favorite things!

Oh....... and you may notice a few changes the next time you comment.

No more comment moderation- your comment will automatically appear.
No more word verification and no more comment window popping up.

Change is good......right?


  1. Change is always good! Just like the change in seasons, which is what we seem to be going through here in Oregon! Here comes fall!

  2. You drew two names? hehehe

    I love the new ease at commenting!

  3. Cute cute cute! Congrats girls!