Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's a BOY!

On Sat. we dropped by Dory's sisters farm to visit some of her sweet animals. She had alpacas, miniature donkeys, bunnies, and miniature horses. They were absolutely adorable and we had a great time seeing them all.

At one point we were in a pen with two mama horses, their two babies, and a little male horse named Tiny. Tiny kept getting between us and the other horses- and kept trying to show off for the ladies. (We wondered if perhaps he had "small man syndrome" :)

As we stood there petting and watching the horses, Tiny went potty.

If you have ever seen a male horse go potty, you know that certain things stretch out during that process.

Now on a regular horse it is not very noticeable.

However, on a miniature horse, it is VERY noticeable.

So noticeable you can NOT miss it.

As soon as it happened, Madison turned to me with very large eyes and said

"Hey mom, did you see that? That is definitely a BOY horse. "

We laughed and Dory said

"Yes, that's where the saying "hung like a horse" comes from!"

Madison whipped around and looked at us and said

"Hung like a horse? You mean they HANG them from that?"

Dory and I burst out laughing and then tried to explain the meaning of the expression.

A little while later while Madison and I were separated from the group, I tried to explain to her more about what she had seen.

I said "Honey, when boys wake up in the morning or when they get excited, their boy part gets larger."

She said "When they get excited? You mean like when they get a present or something?"

I said "Um..........well...........yes...............kinda like that."

I think we will leave that conversation till we get home and let Daddy field that one. :)


  1. I can't wait until Honey asks her, "So Madison, what did you learn while you were away?" Be sure to let me apologize in advance, k? ;o)

  2. I think Dory should have to explain since she brought up the expression...

  3. Did you really have to post that Mom?!?!

  4. Oh my! That is a hoot!Me thinks there will be some blushing when the explanation takes place....

  5. Yes, I agree with Chris, Dory should have to explain this one since she was the one that expressed the statement. Uh oh, I hear a funny father/daughter talk happening here soon!

  6. Oh goodness, yes maybe daddy needs to continue that conversation :)

  7. Oh my! That's going to be an interesting conversation~ let me know if I can help.....NOT! :-P

  8. Bet you just wanted to die when Dory brought that up...lol (no pun intended)

    I think I might have Dory explain that one....lol

    Mr. Sweet Blessings might have second thought the next time you two want to get together.

  9. My husband gets embarrassed by the thought of his daughters knowing about "boy parts". And the eldest daughter is *17*! We want a blow-by-blow of the male explanation.

  10. I am laughing at this post. And laughing harder at the comments. And willing my mind to get out of the gutter with all the double entendres.....