Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Evening Question(s) of the Day

How often do you weigh yourself?

When you know you have gained a few pounds, do you avoid the scale?

Does the number on the scale affect your day?

If so, how?


  1. You're probably not asking me since you already know my answers but... I'm gonna comment anyway. :o)

    1) Daily
    2) No. I weigh even though I don't want to see the number.
    3) Labsolutely.... I try to stick to my points better that day. (Which I should do every day... then maybe the scale would be my friend)

  2. I weigh myself more when I am doing better with the diet...which makes me feel better about things.
    HATE the scale and the number

  3. I weigh myself once a month - if that. I can tell by the way my clothes fit if I need to cut back on my ice cream intake.

    The only time I really hate getting on the scale is at the doctor's office. He gently chews me out - EVERY year. :)

    My weight/the scale doesn't affect my day at all. As long as I am not in pain and healthy, I am good to go!

  4. Not as often as I probably should, but I do know where the scale is at!

    No, I get weighed at the doctor's

    Not usually, except for those times when my ankles are huge, and my fingers are hugely swollen and the doctor goes "so what did you eat that made you gain weight?" Um, look at my ankles, can you see them? How much fluid is that? Grr..

  5. Sadly I weigh myself almost every morning. After I use the bathroom, right before I hit the shower. I have been trying to lose weight and want to keep on track. Yes it affects the weigh I eat. I just eat more fruits and veggies and less breads the next day.

  6. Every morning, after the potty, with dry hair and as little clothing as possible. It DOES affect my choices for the day and I often weigh before I go to bed or after I work out. I am not obsessed, though.

    Hmmmm.........I just read that and it doesn't add up, does it????

  7. I weigh myself once a week on Saturday morning. I usually am more careful eating during the week, so I think Saturdays are the best days to weigh in.

    If I have gained, then I am a little more careful the following week.

    If I have gained more than a 1/2 pound I get irritated and disappointed. Usually grumpier that day. If I have lost more than a pound, I raise both my hands in the air and yell woo-hoo!