Friday, May 29, 2009

Does it Suck or Rock?

This website cracks me up.
It's called Does it Suck?

You simply type in a word, name, or phrase- and it will tell give you a score to tell
you if it SUCKS or if it ROCKS.
The closer the score is to 10, the better.

So of course, I had to type in my name.
Shannon= 9.7
(woo hoo- I rock!)
And my blog's name.
Sweet Blessings= ?
(so I guess my blog neither sucks nor rocks?)
And my husband's name, Tony= 9.3.
(of course he rocks!)

You can try all sorts of people and things- it's a hoot!
For those who are wondering, here's how it works according to the website:

When you enter a search term, sucks/rocks searches the web
for several positive and negative phrases using that term.
The score is the fraction of positive results to the sum of
positive and negative results, normalized to 10.
The negative phrases are: X sucks, X is lame, X is crap, I hate X.
The positive phrases are: X rocks, X is sweet, X is awesome, I love X.

Isn't that fun?