Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Kind of Nuggets?

After school last Friday Madison and I went shopping for an Easter dress and shoes for her. We were thrilled to shop at a new store, and we walked through the store picking up 6 or 7 super cute dresses for her to try on and then made our way to the dressing room.

As she was trying the dresses on, we noticed a small problem.

She's at that in between stage- a little too big for children's sizes and a little too small for teens.

Well..........a little to small for teens in one specific area- the top.

So many of the cute dresses, like this one:

fit her- but not at the top.

Unless she was to wear a tank underneath them- they simply were too big. (Bless her heart- she has inherited her small chest from her mother).

She was disappointed because the dress she really loved was one of the dresses that was truly too big at the top. As I explained that we simply couldn't buy it when it didn't truly fit she pulled out the dress, looked down and said:

Oh man..............boob nuggets.

I said:

Boob nuggets? Are you saying you have boob nuggets instead of real boobs? Kinda like a chicken nuggets instead of a chicken sandwhich?

and started laughing uncontrollably.

She said:

NO Mom.........I said POOP NUGGETS (which is one of her silly little sayings).............NOT boob nuggets.

I seriously laughed so hard I started to cry and almost fell off the stool I was sitting on.

I think boob nuggets is an accurate and hysterical description.

Bless her sweet little boob nugget heart.