Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things on my Desk

As I was preparing for a sub for today and tidying up around my classroom, I started wondering what people would think if they could see some of the things on and around my desk.

And I wondered.........doesn't everyone have this kind of stuff?

Stuff like.....................

Silly glasses with a big red nose?

A skeleton wearing Mickey Mouse ears that light up?

A pink pig flashlight that oinks?
(Isn't he cute?)

A mummy that I have been asked countless times by both children and adults if it is real?
(Like I would really have a dead person on my wall?)

A hamburger from McDonald's purchased in Oct. of 2007?
(one of 5 hamburgers)

A pair of BIG girl panties?

(because you never know when you are going to need to put them on!)

So what's the most random thing you have laying around your desk or office?


  1. Oh what a fun idea! I think I might turn this into a blog post. But now, my work desk or my home desk? :o)

    ps. And something about those glasses seems rather familiar. Hmmm.

  2. I have a clay dinosaur, that my daughter made in school last year, and I have a TY teddy bear whose name is Poopsie. There is, of course a story to go with it. I have tied 2 red poppies around its arm, a "Believe" diamond looking charm around its neck and a smiley face stress ball between its legs. & There's a little square clock, turn it it's the temp, turn it again for an alarm, again for something else and it light up & flashes. That's about it except for pics of my kids & stuff.

  3. Oh gracious that's funny! You must be the "fun" teacher! The big girl panties are a hoot!

    I work with all males so I am a bit more careful about what I bring to the office. However, I do have a couple of photos, a candle, a can of chicken noodle soup, herbal tea,and a whole lot of magazines!

  4. My favorite that I have is a lilac colored plastic toilet- it can be motion sensitive or you can push the button- The toilet lid "flaps" and says "Hey don't forget to wash you hands!"

  5. How'd you get my underwear? I seem to remember coming home from our girls' weekend short one pair....


  6. there is nothing, NOTHING, on my desk that even comes close to anything you have here. oh wait, i have a red button that, when you press it, says, "ain't gonna happen." i originally bought it to put on hubby's pillow as a joke, but it's great for the kids, too. :)

  7. Hmmm, out of the ordinary stuff on my desk the top 5 would be....
    1) an Elvis Drivers License card....
    2) a quarter that taped to an index card that I won on a bet with my special someone (cant tell the bet lol)...
    3) a cigar picked up on our travels (and we dont know anyone who smokes cigars, so cant remember WHY we bought it)....
    4) my first "real" paycheck stub from 1973 (brought home a whopping $108.90 twice a month)....
    5) a crown I wore on the night of my retirement dinner 30 years later...

  8. I have a tape gun on my desk. I have my lollipops from Dory on my desk, I have my sand in a jar from Dory, an Angel, a snowman from Jean, and a scale for weighing my books before I send them on to new homes on Paperbackswap.