Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Morning Question of the Day

What are three things that your spouse does that drive you BATTY?


  1. We can only list 3?

    1. Never ever puts the ketchup away..Ever!
    2. Leaves empty food packages on the kitchen counter instead of lifting the lid of the garbage and throwing it away.
    3. Leaves his socks laying around the livingroom.

  2. Only 3? LOL

    1) If he is trying to "help" me in the kitchen, he is always in the way.
    2) His size 13 shoes are everywhere!
    3) He makes this little "uh" (like pushes the air out of his throat)sound when he breathes. I tease him about that and now the girls have picked up on it too.

  3. 1. Brushes his teeth in the shower- the dots of toothpaste & foam really grosses me out, plus I have to go searching for the tube twice a day :-(
    2. He "stirs" everything around when looking for something- things that were formerly lined up somewhat neatly are now all catty-whampus & out of order (Lordy-McGordy, he did it to my purse yesterday, looking for a tube of lip balm!)
    3. He leaves wadded-up, used paper towels all over the house- the computer desk, end table, bathroom, even on the floor next to his recliner GRRRR!

  4. 1) Channel surfs during every commercial and never making it back to the show I was watching.
    2) Never ever puts the top back on the Q-tip jar in the bathroom.
    3) Always drives the speed limit & stays on my back if I go 1 mile above the limit.

  5. 1. Too many times he plays the Devil's Advocate...I hate that. Just agree with me already.

    2. Works out 5-6 days a week, which leaves all the dog care to me...and he doesn't feel guilty about it.

    3. Sometimes, he still acts like he is single. Every once in awhile, I will get home after he does (very rare indeed), and I ask him what he had in mind for dinner...his response...I already ate. Hmmmph!

  6. 1. Eats lunch out when I made him a lunch to take to work. (Why do I bother?)

    2. Spends more time utilizing electronics - Tv, computer, fancy phone, XBOX, or PS3 than he spends in conversation with me.

    3. He MUST purchase every new arrival DVD on the release date. We literally have hundreds of movies we will never watch.

  7. 1. Puts dirty dishes in a clean sink that I just emptied and cleaned. Just open the DW door and put them in for heaven's sake.

    2. Turns the TV on as soon as he walks in the door. Sports!

    3. Cuts his hair too short. Like every 3 weeks, he's getting it cut again...

    But I love him....

    Faithful Praise