Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Words are..........

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.
Rudyard Kipling

Certain words, certain phrases uttered in my presence stick in my mind- regardless of the passage of time. They cross my mind at the strangest times- and sound as clear as if they were being spoken right this very moment.

Some make me laugh..........

Well honey I am glad to know you are allergic to cats and I promise you that I will not let a single cat get in this hospital room

Some make my heart feel full of love and joy...............

It's a girl and she's just perfect!

Some make me shake my head..............

Man, you sure do look different without makeup.

Some make me sad...............

I had an affair.

And some make me cry.............

It's stage 4 cancer.

The thing is..........those words have stayed with me, regardless the passage of time. Some were said over 25 years ago- and yet I can hear them spoken as if they were said yesterday.

And each time I hear those words I think...........what words have I said that have stayed with people? Were they hurtful, ugly, painful words? Or were they happy, positive, loving words? And I pray that God will remind me that the words I speak today could be with someone forever.


  1. I do that too; words pop into my head at particular moments and they seem to be just freshly heard.

    It's ironic in a way - the way I have to use this at work. For me, many scared dental patients say things that are unreasonable and not really thought-through - but they are coming from a place of fear and anxiety. It used to really hurt my feelings until I realized they were speaking in the moment. Let's face it - for some fearful dental patients, being in our office is the WORST thing they think could happen to them.
    I, on the other hand, have to remain level and calm and always speak nicely - even if I don't want to. I can't let their remarks or behavior sway me from my path because my words may be the ones that stick with them forever. Possibly even changing their fearfulness into a position of tolerance.
    It's quite a balancing act sometimes.

  2. Thoughtful post. Words are supremely powerful and often people don't think about that.

    Often I don't think about that.

    I try hard to be thoughtful when I speak to my children, remembering things I have heard from my parents that have stuck with me. Good and bad.

  3. You made me cry this morning. Thanks a lot!! This very subject has been on my heart for weeks now. What a struggle words are!!

  4. Words often are lighter than a touch or harder than a punch, it is all in how they are delivered and by whom.

    I am working on what I say.

  5. Thank you Shannon for the great reminder of what an impact we (I) can have on others. Good or bad. It's definetely food for thought.

  6. I can't imagine you ever saying anything that would effect someone in a bad way. You are one of the sweetest most thoughtful person I have ever met and I thank God regularly for you.