Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Morning Question of the Day

1. At what age do you think a child should have a cell phone?

2. If they have one, do you allow your child to take their cell phone to church?

3. If your child has a cell phone, do your regularly check their text messages? Why or why not?


  1. Tink got a phone during her 7th grade year for Christmas. Boo got hers during 5th grade at Christmas. They are nice so that the girls can call for rides and check in. Tink has an unnatural obsession with her phone and it NEVER leaves her hands, and so yes she does take it to church and she has been given the glare and threatened when checking her text messages and actually texting during church. Boo doesn't have text messaging, & she leaves her phone home.

  2. Marissa got her cell phone just this past Christmas when she turned 14. I bought the phone but the deal was that she had to pay for the time on the phone so I bought one of the 'pay as you go' phones and she buys the cards for the phone out of her own money.
    No I wouldn't let her take it to church, unless it was OFF and IN her purse.
    ANd yes, I do check her text messages, the same as I check her emails whenever I feel like it. Because I am the mom and that is my job!
    (In my opinion, far too many kids have cell phones at a younger and younger age)

  3. 1. When they can afford to pay for their own.

    2. To

    3. Yes, and you should go through their room on a regular basis. I took a seminar on the occult when I was teaching school. It was an eye opener. If the parents of this child had gone into his room to check on what he was keeping in there...well lets just say...they probably wouldn't have found him hanging from his bedroom door.

    Nuff said.

  4. 1. Matt got a cell phone when he was 15. We paid for it and he is on our family plan. It is the absolute cheapest phone there is and there are no bells and whistles.

    2. Matt never takes his phone to church because it is usually in his Jeep and the battery is dead. :)

    3. Yes, I've looked at his texts, but not because I am suspicious - I do it for a good laugh. Teenage boys sure do text about goofy stuff!

  5. Was #3 there earlier? How did I miss it. I have checked TInk's texts, but usually she protects her phone at all costs and has them deleted before she plugs in for the night. She is not allowed to take her phone to her room which is in the basement.

  6. Neither of my kids were allowed cell phones until they went to college and were able to secure the credit for themselves and pay for their bill.

    Maybe a little harsh, but was what I felt was right. If they went out(particularly at night) and wanted to take my cell phone, that was always OK.

    Cell phones can be great but also are greatly misused. The other day a lady passed me at a stop sign and she was:

    1) holding a dog in her lap
    2) eating an order of french fries
    3) feeding her dog fries
    4) talking on a hand held cell phone
    5) and DRIVING!

  7. Both of my kids received their first cell phone when they went into middle school. I felt that once they were old enough to start going more places without me, that a phone would help me connect to them more.
    Both do text and it has helped even more with staying connected to them as often a quick text is much easier than a phone call. I do check their texts off and on but not because I am suspicious but more so that they know I can.
    I am so blessed that neither of my kids abuse their phone or text privileges!
    Yes, I let them take their phones to church but they almost always sit with me so it has never been a problem...most often it is them reminding ME to turn mine off before service starts, NOT the other way around! LOL