Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things You NEVER Want to Hear

From a coworker-

You know that lady on Desperate Housewives? The red headed one? I was watching that show the other day and she totally reminds me of you. You two are SO much alike. You act JUST like her. (Really? Because I don't watch that show but I think that woman is supposed to be a CRAZY PSYCHO so how exactly am I supposed to take that comment? I honestly just stood there thinking.........what the heck?)

From your husband-

I had a little accident and I need you to meet me at the Emergency Room. (This actually happened but Honey first told me he just needed me to pick up a few butterfly bandaids for him on the way home because he had had a little cut. After I saw the "cut" we went to the ER where he had 15 staples to close the 6 inch LARGE gash on his chest.)

From your daughter-

Mom, what's male enhancement?
(Good night nurse I hate those commercials.)

Okay, so now it's your turn.

What are some things you never want to hear someone say?


  1. From the sweetest girl in my 4th & 5th grade Sunday School Class:

    Why do they call her the "Virgin" Mary?

  2. When i got a call late one night and my 18 year old daughter said "Mom can you come get me?" Me- "where are you?" Her-"Here talk to the paramedics---"
    I hope to never get a call like that again. She is ok now,years later and lots of physical therapy.

  3. From a doctor" There's nothing more we can do for her, take her home."

    This was told to us about our mother who was just diagnosed with terminal cancer...she died 19 days later at home.

  4. From this past weekend:
    "Have you seen the razor knife I was using earlier? I swear I left it sitting on the sofa!"
    At least once a summer:
    "Do you know if that kind of spider is poisonous?"
    My younger brother (years ago):
    "I can't find my python"

  5. I don't think that I would ever want to hear Mitch say he didn't love me anymore. I think that would crush me.

  6. There's no more ice cream in the world.

    There's no more Diet Dr Pepper in the world.

    "Crap! Get a towel!" said by J when he was cutting a hole in some sheetrock, slipped and cut his hand. We ended up in the emergency room.

  7. LOL - I totally get the DH comment.

    M is a hoot! How did you answer that one?

  8. I always hate to hear: "You're a nurse, tell me if this is bad".. It's almost always either something so horrible I can't believe they asked, or it's something I just really don't want to look at!!LOL

  9. Hmmm......This post reminds me of something I have to post.

  10. I would hate to hear "Don't bother coming to Texas.... I'm sick of you crazy lady!"