Friday, December 5, 2008

Snail Mail

The term "snail mail" came up in my class earlier this week.

As is often my custom, instead of giving an outright answer when one of my students asks me what something means, I tried to lead my students to the answer. After the typical 10 year old response of "Is it mail that a snail delivers?" was shot down I decided to help my class figure it out by giving them a hint.

So, thinking this would totally give it away I said..............

It's how I used to send mail to friends when I was your age.

One little boy in my class immediately got a really excited look on his face and raised his hand high- complete with the "Oooh, oooh, oooh" sound effect.

I called on him, feeling confident that my hint had helped him figure it out and he said...........................

It's mail delivered on a horse, right? Like the Pony Express?

Um......excuse me?

I know I'm not a spring chicken and could even be called oldish but exactly how old do I look?

The Pony Express ran in 1860.

Good night nurse.

If you'll excuse me now......I'm off to buy some wrinkle cream.


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  1. LOL - I love when kids come up with things like that. My kids love to get "real" mail. That is the term the kids use when they get a snail mail letter. Kind of like our "real friends".

  2. LOL Reminds me of a blog entry of a friend that I read recently. His son was learning about Iraq in school. He was talking to his dad about it and said, "Did you know that Iraq used to be a place called Mesopotamia?" When he said, "Yes," his son paused and said, "Is that because it was Mesopotamia when you were a kid?" ROFLOL How do you answer when kids say those kinds of things? lol Too funny!

  3. That's hilarious!!! Remember when we thought our parents were that old???

  4. Remember when we all thought 40 was old?

  5. ya well... i'm sure that kid is a smart mouth. LOL

  6. Ooops!
    Sweet little darling obviously flunked history- & you do not need wrinkle cream!

  7. What a goofball!
    And you are NOT oldish and do NOT need wrinkle cream! :)

  8. I love kids! They come up with the best answers! And they WILL take any wind out of your sails immediately! You are sooo blessed to be around them every day! kinda..LOL

  9. I used to teach high schoo math in the 90's and some of my students did not know who the Beatles were.

    Now that's scary.