Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gambling Girl

A gambler I am NOT.

A risk taker I am NOT.

Lucky, I am NOT.

So on a super fun trip to Churchill Downs (home of the Kentucky Derby) this past Sat. I did not expect to win or even bet on a race.

But after a short lesson from Dory's super sweet husband on horse racing, I decided to give it a try. Based on the best odds and the fact that the horse was wearing pink (that's a great reason to choose a horse, don't you think?) I chose number 8 and went to the window to place my bet.

The horses lined up and they were off!

It was so fun to cheer for my horse- even though he was behind for most of the race.

Imagine my surprise when he pulled ahead and WON the race!

Go me! (And horse number 8!)

(Want to guess what I did with that $21 I won?)

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  1. I have two guesses:
    1. Bought a few Sonic drinks
    2. Bought more hair product


  2. My guess is a Sonic Diet Coke BINGE since you went all weekend without! :)

  3. First guess was that you bought more shampoo... but on further thought, I am will to bet (punny, aren't I?) you loaded up your Sonic card...

  4. Ah! Stacy beat me to it! I was going to say maybe that you bought some shampoo and conditioner. ;oP lol j/k What DID you do with all that dough??? :o)

  5. Let's see.... Sonic and antibiotics? :o)

  6. The way you described the horse race was just like the movie "My Fair Lady". Did you scream any obscenities like Audrey Hepburn did? Ha!

  7. Shop for books & Sonic drinks?

  8. Bet again and became a horse racing addict? :)

  9. Bet again and became a horse racing addict? :)

  10. I warned you about that slippery slope...just kidding- I'm just jealous 'cause I chickened out betting on the same horse :-)

  11. I actually attended the Kentucky Derby once...in 1987 I think. We drove down with two tour buses. Miller Brewery sponsored the trip, so of course we had beer in the hold beneath the bus.

    We had a great time. Stayed overnight in southern Indiana, little did I know that in nine short years I would be living in Indiana while my husband attended graduate school at Ball State.

    Ahh, such great memories. I hope yours were as good.