Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Morning Advice

When sending a text, always DOUBLE CHECK to make sure that you are sending the text to the person you meant to send the text to and NOT to someone else.

Because you never, ever want to send a very private and personal message to the wrong person.

A purely (non) fictional example of this would be............

A man writes a very personal and intimate message that he intends to send to a female "friend". But instead of clicking on the name of his female friend, he accidentally clicks on the name of someone else.

Like his EX WIFE.

That would be bad.


Not that I know anyone stupid enough to do that.


Not me.

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  1. I wonder if it was truly accidental... I guess I can see it happening if her name is S too.
    Maybe he wanted under your skin?
    Or maybe he really is a dunderhead.

  2. Aye-yi-yi..... what a doofus!

  3. I am hoping that your ex sent it to you and not your hubby to his ex. lol

    That is why hubby and I speak in code if we are going to be shall we say "suggestive". No one else would have any idea what we are talking about.

  4. oops....silly man, he really should have looked at who he was sending that to.

  5. I'm always afraid i'm going to do this, but that is why I don't send ...umm..."personal" messages via text. Plus my hubby probably wouldn't get it! LOL But i'm always worried that when I text Tink that i've hit the button for someone else and told them to get their butt home! LOL

  6. OOPS; surely fact is funnier than fiction :) I hope!

  7. See, another good reason why I don't text. Yup!