Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hello, My Name is Boring

I went to the eye doctor last week and then went to pick out a new pair of glasses. I was excited about getting new glasses and knew I wanted black glasses (one year I get brown, the next black- so I always have a pair of each) and that I wanted a more rectangular than round frame.

So I spent over an hour trying on pair after pair after pair of glasses. I deliberated for a long time before finally deciding on a pair that I absolutely loved.

I was so excited when I picked them up and I couldn't wait to show them to my family.

So I showed them to Honey who said...............

Those are nice honey but don't they look like your old ones?

Then I sent a picture of them to Dory who said...............

They look a lot like your old ones don't they?

Then I sent a picture to Maddie on her phone and she said............

They look just like your old ones.

At this point I was a little irritated and kept insisting that the two pairs were totally different and that no one was really paying attention. To be honest I was a little sad that no one liked them as much as I did.

Sunday at church when I asked Debbie what she thought about them and she said..............

If you hadn't told me they were new, I would have thought that they were your old ones

I began to wonder if maybe they were right.

So on the way home from church I took a picture of me wearing my old glasses and a picture of me wearing my new glasses.

old glasses

new glasses

And I realized that they were right.

I picked out almost the exact same glasses.

Good night nurse...........could I be any more boring?

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  1. lol They're tried and true. And you like them. Oh well. Not boring, just comfortable. :o) I like them!

  2. You know what you like, nothing wrong with that.

  3. No no no. They are totally different! One pair is definitely more square!

    And you look great in both. ha ha

  4. I think that both pair are equally cute and with your face they are beautiful! At least you didn't go for the Sarah Palin glasses, now that would have been a look! :-)

  5. I just showed the girls. Beebo said... "Are they any different?" hehe

    I've spent time with you. You are so NOT boring.

  6. I agree with Mitchowl the new pair are more rectangular than the old pair. You look good in both.

    I had my eye exam recently and went to pick out a pair of glasses. The ones I picked out came to $312.00 and that's with eye insurance. Yikes...I told her I would have to think about it. When did glasses get so darn expensive?

  7. I love getting new frames too. I am always tempted to get something trendy or funky but I end up with ones similar to my same black plastic frames that resemble yours! :) I say stick with what works!

  8. No you didn't- the new ones are definitely squared at the corners!
    (Of course, I wouldn't have noticed, because I'm terribly unobservant about those things :-P)

  9. Does someone know their geometry? Oval vs rectangle? Yes they appear to be similar but completely different :) I think you look cute in either pair you choose for the day :)