Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hello, My Name is Boring

I went to the eye doctor last week and then went to pick out a new pair of glasses. I was excited about getting new glasses and knew I wanted black glasses (one year I get brown, the next black- so I always have a pair of each) and that I wanted a more rectangular than round frame.

So I spent over an hour trying on pair after pair after pair of glasses. I deliberated for a long time before finally deciding on a pair that I absolutely loved.

I was so excited when I picked them up and I couldn't wait to show them to my family.

So I showed them to Honey who said...............

Those are nice honey but don't they look like your old ones?

Then I sent a picture of them to Dory who said...............

They look a lot like your old ones don't they?

Then I sent a picture to Maddie on her phone and she said............

They look just like your old ones.

At this point I was a little irritated and kept insisting that the two pairs were totally different and that no one was really paying attention. To be honest I was a little sad that no one liked them as much as I did.

Sunday at church when I asked Debbie what she thought about them and she said..............

If you hadn't told me they were new, I would have thought that they were your old ones

I began to wonder if maybe they were right.

So on the way home from church I took a picture of me wearing my old glasses and a picture of me wearing my new glasses.

old glasses

new glasses

And I realized that they were right.

I picked out almost the exact same glasses.

Good night nurse...........could I be any more boring?

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