Thursday, October 23, 2008

Come On...........Guess

One night a few weeks ago Maddie came home from dance. It was rather late and I was already in bed reading when she came in. She came in to tell me all about the night at dance and then she said...............

K and I decided what we want to be for Halloween and you are in charge of the costumes.

OH goodnight nurse I thought.

My mom was the queen of costumes

(Seriously she rocked! One year I was a salad. A SALAD that was amazing and won a prize- along with my friend who was dressed like a can of soup! I had real carrot earrings that were so stinkin' cute! And then one year in college for a Christmas sorority formal- she painted shirts for my sweetie and me. She painted half of a beautiful Christmas tree on each shirt so when we stood together- we formed a whole tree. As if that were not enough- she put real lights (with tiny battery packs inside) on the trees so we made a Christmas tree with lights!! She was AMAZING!!!!!)

But sadly, I am not my mom.

I am so NOT good at costumes.






(ie I suck)

So of course my next question was :

So what kind of costumes do I have to come up with? What have you two decided you want to dress up like?

And so she told me.

And after I finished laughing my head off I thought:

Well, crap. How the heck am I going to come up with costumes like that?


I am in trouble.


Right here in College Station.

And that starts with T and that rhymes with P and that stands for POO!
Oops sorry. Got a little sidetracked. (Can you name that musical?)

So before I ask, beg, and plead for your help, can you guess what those two silly girls want to dress up like?

So come on.


You know you want to. :)

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PS I'll give you a little hint...........I was the inspiration behind the idea.
And it will crack you UP!


  1. Must be Shampoo and Conditioner....and YES, that little rhyme comes from MUSIC MAN...Trouble!!!!!!!!

  2. Shampoo bottles???

  3. Does she want you her and her friend into bottles of shampoo and conditioner? Heehee if I am right!

  4. Okay, the musical was The Music Man.

    Do they want to dress up like Sonic drinks?

    Knowing you and all.

  5. A bottle of shampoo & conditioner?
    BTW- that musical would be "The Music Man"

  6. I have NO idea. Seriously. I gotta put on my thinking cap!

  7. LOL, I just realized you said "T that rhymes with P and that stands for Poo!" LOL Is that a clue, your own version or what? You make me laugh. The real version would be "Pool" (as in billiards!) HeeHee