Monday, September 8, 2008

A Response from the Girl in the Back Seat

I told Maddie the other day that I had posted about her still riding in the back seat and shared how most people were shocked that I still had her sitting in the back seat.

I then told her of Jen's idea to wrap her in bubble wrap to keep her safe (which I thought was so clever ) and Maddie absolutely LOVED it!

She said................

OH Yes! That is a GREAT idea! I can put bubble wrap around my chest.

No wait! I know...............I can put it IN my bra!!!!

And after I started cracking up she said...................

OH NO! You are going to put what I just said on your blog aren't you?

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PS If you like bubble wrap, here's some virtual bubble wrap for you! :)


  1. LOL She cracks me up.

    Good thing her friends dont read you.

  2. Maddie is so funny! What a little goose!

    My oldest son asked me if I was going to put his "dresscode" photo on my blog...

    Our kids are on to us! :)

  3. Has the child not figured out that EVERYTHING is potential blog material?

  4. I'll have to remember to ask her about bubble wrap next time I see her. :-)

  5. Should was supposed to be underlined, I was trying to use some HTML. It didn't work, as you can see.