Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Falling OFF the Wagon

So I went to the grocery store on Sunday with every intention of NOT buying any more shampoo or conditioner.

After my confession last week, and all the comments from friends and family- I decided to go cold turkey.

NO more shampoo and conditioner.

As I walked into the store with my coupon binder and blue Kroger bags, I truly thought to myself............

Now Shannon, you do not need any more shampoo or conditioner. If you buy any Honey and Maddie will harass you to death and you so do not need that. So.......just say NO!

So I quickly went up and down the aisles checking things off of my list and finding coupons for those items that were on sale. I finished fairly quickly and found myself at the end of the store in the hair care aisle.

Now I honestly just went down the aisle to LOOK.

Not to buy.


But when I looked at my coupons for shampoo and found a Buy One Get One Free coupon for Loreal shampoo and conditioner- which was also on SALE, I hesitated.

I picked up a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner and stood there in the aisle for several minutes debating.

Should I buy them?

Or should I put them back?

Should I buy them and hide them in my car so Honey wouldn't see them and take them in the house later?

Or should I put them back?

I even took a picture and was about to send it to Dory as a cry for help- but I knew she would talk me out of it- since we have already discussed my problem at length.

So I did not send the picture.

Finally the addiction became too strong and I could not longer resist.

I placed them in my cart and went to check out.

I drove home, grabbed a few bags out of the trunk and went inside- passing Honey on the way out to my car to get the rest of the groceries.

In an instant it dawned on me............he was going to see proof of my falling off the wagon.

I yelled....................

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! I'll get the rest of the groceries!!! GO GO GO GO GO sit down- really- I'll do it!!!!!!

Of course he went to the trunk, grabbed the remaining bags and brought them inside shaking his head disgustedly and said.................

You did it again didn't you? You bought MORE shampoo and conditioner didn't you?

I tried to justify my purchase but it was all for naught.

My name is Shannon and I am an addict.

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