Saturday, September 27, 2008


Y'all crack me up!

The questions and comments about my ridiculous pictures were just too funny!

The first pic is from when I first started stripping (wallpaper of course, wallpaper) this past summer and was taking a silly pic of myself to post.

The second pic was taken at about 4:50am on the morning that Maddie and I drove to my friend S's house to put notes in her yard before her surgery. Someone mentioned that it didn't look like I had no makeup on since it's black and white. Well that would be WHY it's black and white. :)

The third pic was taken this past summer at my sweet friend B's country house when Dory and her girls came to visit for a week. This pic was the last night when our three girls were busy in the other room creating dresses out of pink and green streamers. While they were busy designing dresses, Dory and I sat in the living room with our cameras chatting. At some point we started taking pictures of each other. Silly pics. Most of the ones that I took of her were where she's hiding under a blanket. There is a bowl of potpourri sitting on the table next to the recliner. As we sat chatting and laughing I picked up the piece that looks like a large white Bugle chip and put it on my nose. Of course Dory just had to take a pic or two. Of course I was laughing so hard it kept falling off of my face. Every time I look at that pic, I crack up.

So glad that my embarrassment not only made Dory laugh- which was my goal- but made many more of you smile as well.

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