Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bye Bye IKE

I think I've spent more time watching TV during the last three days than I have in the last year combined. I've been glued to the coverage of IKE on the weather channel, our local channel, and Fox News as it came through Galveston, Kemah, and Houston. It was horrible to watch all of the damage and my heart hurt for those who lost so much. It's been horrific to watch places you have been to so many times basically destroyed before your very eyes.

We were so lucky to only have lots of rain, lots of strong wind, and only a few limbs down and a little damage. The winds were crazy here and I can't imagine how strong they were in Galveston and Houston.

My sister in Houston did not fair so well as she lost power on Friday evening around 10. She spent the evening in the bathroom with her dog riding out the storm. When she came out on Sat. she found a power line down in the backyard as well as some damage to the house. She called about her power being out and was told it could be awhile before it is turned back on. I'm hoping that she'll come here today to wait until they can turn the electricity back on.

Other than weathering and watching the storm it has actually been a fun few days hanging out with my family.

I've read a lot (I'm on book number 4 since Friday), napped some, watched a few movies, cooked quite a bit, eaten WAY too much, played lots of games (Yahtzee especially), and laughed so hard at Maddie and her antics that I cried.

Today we will be back to homework, chores, church, and regular errands- but it's really been a blessing to have a few extra days with my Daddy, Maddie, and Honey. So although Ike wreaked havoc on many, I'm thankful for the gift he gave me of some special and precious time with those I love the most.

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