Friday, August 22, 2008

The Week in Pictures

The Good:

The sky after the storm on Wed. as we drove home from Victoria.
It was beautiful and absolutely breathtaking!

A new SmartBoard for my classroom! I am so excited I can barely stand it!

The Bad:

This is the money a friend handed me as I walked down the hall yesterday at school.
I stuck it in my pocket and completely forgot about it until I later went to the restroom.
As I stood up and turned around to flush, I saw it.
In the potty.
Very bad.
And wet.
Very wet.

The Ugly:This is the trashcan by my desk in my classroom.
The candy that was in those wrappers?
It was my lunch.
Along with a Diet Coke.
Healthy huh?
This would be the reason that I never buy candy.
Because if it's there- I will eat it.
Very ugly.
And so will my big old hiney be if I keep eating candy for lunch.

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  1. Wow! You really are keeping it real!

    Tootsie Rolls and Diet Coke - that's my kind of lunch! :)

  2. So.... I'm guessing, by the fact that you have the money laying on paper towels.... that would mean .... you fished it out? LOL LOL LOL

    I can so see you're face as you did that...

    Look on the bright side, at least it wasn't your PHONE! :o)

  3. But that hiney is fixen' to be hip hopping, so no worries!!!!

  4. But I can never see your butt becoming the size of mine! :-)


    p.s. and what is a smartboard?

  5. I'm dying ot know how this smartboard works? What can it do?

    I just ate cookies and it was ugly too!