Thursday, August 21, 2008

Links I Love

This Is Sand-

This site is so simple and so neat! It's basically a place where you can make a sand drawing. When you arrive at the site, you simply click on the gray square at the left- which opens a window with directions. You can change your color and create some beautiful pictures which is then posted to a gallery. My attempt was so simple, I'm not posting it here (because you would probably laugh) but here's a link to the gallery where there are some amazing pictures!

It's Lovely! I'll Take It!-

This site is a hysterical collection of poorly chosen photos from real estate listings. And when I say poorly, I mean POORLY! Some of them are so funny, and some of them are super scary but ALL of them make you wonder............what the heck was the real estate agent thinking?

I Am Neurotic-

My sweet sister sent me this link and it is hysterical! It's the perfect place to go on the days when you feel like your quirks and idiosyncrasies are a bit over the top. It's a place where people post their neurotic habits and it is a HOOT! And it will make you feel like your weirdness is NOTHING in comparison to other people!


This is one of the funniest sites EVER! It's a collection of pictures that show things that didn't quite work. It's a site I visit often on those days when I am not in the happiest of moods- and it always brings a smile to my face. Here are a few that cracked me up:

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