Monday, August 18, 2008

They are dorks.......but they are MY dorks

Honey ran to the grocery store the other night after dinner to get some dog food (because I'm in charge of people food and he's in charge of animal food and he had forgotten they were out). He came home with the dog food and a few other things which normally happens when he runs to the store. For some ODD reason random things always find their way into his cart. And they usually involve chocolate of some sort. How weird is that?

I was in the other room and heard him putting some things away in the kitchen but didn't go to see what he had purchased.

About an hour later he walks in holding a bottle of something, shakes it and says............

Um, you know that Magic Shell stuff that you put on ice cream?

I'm guessing it was NOT supposed to be put into the refrigerator like chocolate syrup huh?

Bless his sweet heart. He had bought some Magic Shell and had put it in the fridge when he came home.

Of course by the time he took it out to put some on his ice cream, it was as solid as a rock.

In case you ever put your Magic Shell in the refrigerator..............after being left out on the counter for a few hours- it'll soften right up.

He's a dork..............but he's MY dork.

And I love him.

Maddie and my dad took a trip to Arkansas to visit some relatives this past week. They called on Monday night to say they were on the way home- but would stop if they got too tired. So around 9:30pm the phone rang and Honey talked briefly- said goodnight and I love you and hung up. He said they were stopping and would be home the following morning.

I asked where they had stopped and he said...........


I said..........

Are you kidding me?

Madisonville is less than an hour a way from our house. They were almost home!

Every time they mention Madisonville on the news Madison says............


and I crack up.

So I knew what had happened............she had sweet talked (ie conned) my dad into stopping in HER VILLE.

When the phone rang at 6:30 the next morning I was shocked to find Madison on the other end of the phone. She said they were on the way home because she didn't like that hotel in HER VILLE. They had stopped at the only one they had seen because my dad was tired. She said it was a little hotel- not even a chain- and that it was a little scary.

She said she didn't like the way it looked so she had Peedaw (my dad)

......bring in his G-U-N (not to worry.......he has a concealed handgun permit)

I cracked up and said..............

Why did you spell out the word gun? It's not like we are trying to hide it from someone.

She said..........

Well, guns scare me so that word scares me so I like to spell it out instead of saying it.

That girl is a dork............but she's MY dork.

And I love her.

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