Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign............

Sign #1

Remember my little Thou Shalt Not Whine sign that I mentioned here recently? The one that Maddie does NOT like and kept turning around and covering with paper?

Well here's where I found the sign when I got home yesterday:

It was in the middle of a basket full of blankets that sits right next to the entertainment center where the sign is supposed to live.

That girl CRACKS me up!

Sign #2

This is a sign I saw driving through town Tuesday that made me laugh so hard that I had to turn around to take a picture of it:

How funny is that?

Sign #3
This is a sign I saw in front of a tiny little hotel when I was in Victoria a few weeks ago. The funniest thing was that business was spelled the same incorrect way - ON BOTH SIDES of the sign.
Too stinkin' funny!

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  1. I especially love the little teasing game Maddie plays with you & your sign. She is too funny!

  2. Maddie is too stinkin' funny!

    I love to look at signs and the way people spell and say things. Thanks for sharing.

  3. LOL Too funny!!!

    That "buissnes" sign makes you wonder if someone with dyslexia was put in charge of writing it! Wow.

  4. Yay! I love your gravatar! I am glad you got it figured out!

  5. Is Maddie trying to send you a message? Maybe recycle a little bit of wood, or that piece of wood in particular?

    And those signs! Too stinkin funny!

  6. I love those crazy signs when you come across them. I don't usually have my camera with me, but I will have to start carrying it to capture them.