Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blessing S

I am truly blessed to work at a school that is full of precious and loving people. Many teachers I know say that their school is a family and in our case- it is honestly the truth. We celebrate together and have such a good time laughing and playing. We really enjoy each other and have so much fun. When someone in our little family is sick, hurting, or going through a difficult time, our staff rallies around them like you cannot imagine. Depending on the need, we collect money, cook meals, send flowers, plan parties, and generally take care of each other in any and all ways. There are usually more people offering to help than help is needed. It's such a joy to be a part of such an amazing, loving, caring group of people.

Today we set about to bless one of our family members who has gone on to join a new family.

Our precious friend S- who left this year to teach at the school her sons attend- recently was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Although S has gone on to a new job at a new school this year, she is still a huge part of the OW family and always will be.

She leaves this morning to go to M.D.Anderson where she will be having surgery sometime tomorrow. We wanted to do something to let her know (aside from the normal flowers, visits, and meals we will be providing her with) how much we love her and are praying for her. We wanted her to see with her eyes the love we each hold in our hearts for her.

So I handed out heart cutouts and asked people to write prayers and notes of encouragement to S on them. I collected the hearts and put them on those little plastic card picks that are placed in flower arrangements.

Very EARLY this morning Maddie (S was her teacher two years ago and Maddie loves her too) and I drove over to her house to place the hearts in her yard so that when she walked out to leave for the hospital she would SEE a tangible reminder of the love for her and the prayers going to God on her behalf.

Well, we actually ended up going to her house twice- because the first time we arrived- at 4:52am and dressed all in black, the sprinklers in her yard were on. So after pondering what to do we went home, got ready for school, and then drove back to her house at 5:55am to place the hearts in her yard. Because the yard was so wet, instead of putting them all over the yard, we ended up lining the sidewalk up to her front door with the hearts.

As Maddie and I placed the hearts in S's yard (and prayed not to be attacked by a dog or the skunk we all of a sudden smelled or discovered by S ) we prayed for S, her family, and her doctors. My prayer is that God would hold her in the palm of His hand today and in the days to come and that she feel His love like never before.

So if you would, please join me in blessing S and say a prayer for my sweet friend today.

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P.S. Here are some fun pics of Maddie as we drove to S's house the first time this morning. That girl cracks me up! She jumped right out of bed when I woke her up this morning- excited and thrilled to put on her "disguise". The part that made me laugh the hardest was the bandanna combined with the polka dotted ribbon in her hair. A burglar with a bow in her hair? Bless her heart...... by the time we went home, got ready, drove back to S's house, then to Sonic and to school- she was sleepy again. She laid down on a table in my classroom and promptly went to sleep.