Wednesday, July 2, 2008

BITE it?

Yesterday while at the dentist for what seems like the millionth time this year (with about 1 million more times scheduled) I noticed a sweet little old lady in the waiting room. I said good morning to her and smiled at her as I sat down. I was called back first but a short while later heard her being brought out into the area where the panoramic x-ray machine is- which also happened to be right outside the treatment room I was in.

My wonderful dentist, Dr. Sara, was working on seating (is that the right term Dory?) my crown (Praise the Lord! The temporary crown fell off again last night when I was flossing. It has fallen off 5 times in the last four weeks and was about to drive me batty!). Dr. Sara, the assistant, and I were all sitting there quietly while a dental hygienist was explaining to the sweet little lady exactly what to do and where to stand for the x-rays.

After a few minutes of getting the older lady situated the hygienist said "Now bite down on this."

And that sweet little old lady said "BITE it? With my TEETH?"

Dr. Sara, the assistant and I all fell out laughing! Because she was right across the hall we tried to do so quietly, but all three of us struggled. I laughed so hard Dr. Sara had to stop working on my mouth and I had to sit up to keep from choking. The three of us finally got it all under control but giggled and chuckled for the next 15 minutes.

All I kept thinking was.......

Um, yes with your teeth. What the heck else could you bite it with?

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