Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer Vacation- Day 1

The first day of summer vacation is always a magical day. It holds such promise of the days and months ahead. I know many people must wonder what wild and crazy things teachers do once they are off for the summer so I thought I would give you just a little insight.

This is my day so far:

5:32am Slept late and woke up at this late hour. (Gosh I am living on the wild side aren't I?)

5:35am Unloaded the dishwasher, made coffee, and packed Honey's lunch.

6:02am Got dressed and drove to Shipley's donuts to buy my Daddy (who is here this weekend) some donuts. He's been craving them for weeks and has tried twice to go get some himself and was stopped once by an accident at the store (a young girl actually drove into it) and once by so many cars in the parking lot that he couldn't even turn into the parking lot. (Just so you know.........I did NOT eat any of the yummy smelling donuts I brought home. Just say NO. Just say NO. Just say NO is my mantra.)

6:24am Drove back home again and cleaned bathrooms (Nothing says summer vacation like cleaning the potty, huh?)

7:08am Cleaned the kitchen counters and the refrigerator

7:18am Finished filling out the paperwork for camp for Maddie.

7:24am Checked email, made a few Scrabble plays, and started typing this post.

If you think this morning has been exciting- you are going to amazed by the thrilling events ahead. Here are just a few of the things I'll be doing today:

  • showering and putting on my face
  • making sure Maddie has everything packed for a trip to my dad's house and then to her dad's house
  • going to the bank to deposit some checks
  • going to church to drop off camp forms and a check
  • going to the library
  • faxing some forms to our medical reimbursement company
  • going to SONIC (at least once)
  • working in my new classroom organizing the tons of stuff I moved
  • attending a workshop led by my super fabulous and fun friend Donna (this truly is the highlight of my day)
  • going to friends house to fold clothes (one of my favorite Monday rituals)
  • calling to confirm my dental appointment for Thursday where I'll be getting another crown :(
  • cooking dinner (or maybe I should say reheating dinner since Honey got home so late from helping a friend last night that he didn't get to enjoy the fabulous soup I made and so we will be eating it again tonight)

Please don't be too jealous of my wild and exciting first day of summer vacation. Not everyone can lead such a glamorous life!

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