Sunday, September 23, 2007

Questions and Answers

I've received a few questions over the past few months I've been posting recipes here and decided today was the day to try and answer them.

Could you add prep and cooking times to the recipes?
I absolutely can and will- when I remember to. Sometimes it's hard for me to determine how long prep takes because I often do prep work for two things while cooking something else and the time tends to run together. I am working on paying closer attention and noting both on each recipe. If it's not there- I'm trying to go back and add it after I have made the recipe again.

Do you actually make all of these recipes?
I have made all of the things I have posted on this blog- I won't post a recipe I haven't personally tried and liked. Most recipes each week are things I am currently making. All of the sweet things- which is what I most love to make- are things I make for school events, teacher treats, dance snacks, church events, parties, potlucks, or if we are having guests for dinner. So typically if you see a recipe for something sweet, I'm making it to take somewhere. This way- we get a taste but don't have it sitting here at home calling our names to eat it. Probably once a week I post a recipe that is something that I am not currently making but that is a tried and true recipe that I love.

And if you do, how come you don't weight a million pounds?
This question cracked me up! Sometimes I feel like I weight a million pounds but basically I don't eat much of what I bake- although I do try everything (or have one of my testers try it) to make sure it turned out okay. That's something I would suggest to everyone- never serve something to guests that you haven't tried yourself. I love to cook but mostly for other people so the joy I get is not in eating the things I bake- but in seeing others enjoy those things.

What happened to the pictures?
I have been struggling with some stomach issues for the past 5+ weeks and as a result have not had my usual amount of energy. I've still been cooking and posting recipes, but had basically gotten lazy and not added pictures (although I have taken a few- which I will go back and add now). I know I personally love seeing pictures of items I am making (my favorite cookbooks have pictures) and promise to start posting them!

Where do you get all of your recipes?
Many are my grandmothers and mothers and many are from cookbooks. My mother was a cookbook junkie and I inherited her addiction- as well as all of her cookbooks. I usually make the recipe once as written in a cookbook and then adapt it the second time. Some recipes I simply make up- usually as a combination of two recipes.

Okay, so now I have a few requests for you!

A few of you leave comments and I often get emails from friends who read and tell me they tried something I posted here. What I would love to ask you to do is to post a comment on a recipe after you try it to let me know how it worked and if you liked it. You won't love every recipe you read here and that's okay. I'd like to hear about your successes and failures. If the recipe doesn't work for you- maybe we can figure out why together.

Secondly, if you have a cooking question or something that you would like me to post a recipe for- leave me a comment (or email me) and let me know. I literally have millions of recipes and probably have the recipe you are looking for!

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