Monday, February 11, 2019

In the Absence of Truth, Lies Reign

Satan is a big, fat, stinky liar. He’s an evil impostor, a deceiver, a creep who lies to us in tons of sneaky ways to get us to believe his lies. To get us to sin. To convince us that the way of the world is better than the way of our Savior. To get us to believe that we deserve the things we want and the pleasures of this world. To cause us to feel that we are worthless and irredeemable and awful. And every single lie he convinces us to believe sets us up for failure. He does this is so many ways- and one that is terrifying to me is when he whispers to me.

My mama was a super sweet lady. I know it’s hard to believe but as a child I occasionally sometimes often misbehaved. And if my misbehavior happened somewhere away from home, my mama would never yell. Nope. What she would do was way, way scarier than yelling. I actually think I would have preferred yelling. What she would do was she would lean down and whisper quietly in my ear. And that whisper? Was terrifying and almost always caused me to do exactly what she said, immediately. Sometimes whispers are way scarier (and more effective) than loud voices. Especially when they are from upset mamas and from evil, stinky Satan.

John 10:10 says…
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. NIV
Here are just a few of the MANY, MANY lies that Satan often tries to get me to believe:
1. I am alone. (lie)
2.I need to be perfect. (lie)
3.God is not good because if He was He would____________. (lie)
4.If _____ will happen, I’ll be happy. (lie)

It’s tempting for me to believe the lies of Satan because he’s crafty. The second I believe and start acting on those lies there are consequences and so I must constantly combat those lies with the TRUTH. The truth found only in God’s word.

When I start to hear Satan whispering in my ear, here are some of the truths I focus on to drown out his lies: :
1. Christ is with me always. I am never alone. Hebrews 13:5
2. God does not expect perfection from me, He expects obedience. John 14:23
3. God is good. Psalm 100:5 and Romans 8:28
4. I can be happy now and forever because Jesus has redeemed me. Isaiah 48:17

Sweet friends, we MUST replace Satan's lies with TRUTH. Every single thought. Every single emotion. Every single lie. We must take them captive to obey Christ. Because when we do, guess what? They die. In the absence of truth, lies reign. And when truth reigns, those lies die.

My prayer for us today is that when we are tempted to believe lies from Satan that we are immediately reminded of who we belong to- Christ. That when we start to hear Satan whispering in our ears, Jesus speaks words of truth over our hearts. That our first instinct when we hear those whispers would to be to run to God's word for reminders of who we are and who He is- loyal, trustworthy, our Abba father who loves us so and came to give us eternal life.