Friday, December 7, 2018


Buying little gifts for lots of people can quickly add up to lots of $ so I decided to come up with a few cute and inexpensive ideas that won't break Santa's bank! 
This time of year everyone is super crazy busy & hurried so it's nice to have 
a few things wrapped up and ready to give when you realize you need them-
for teachers, co-workers, friends, neighbors, etc.

For the past two years I have posted some CUTE & QUICK CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS
HERE and HERE for gifts that are great (& inexpensive) 
to give to co-workers, teachers, or neighbors
or just to have around during the Christmas season.

Below are some new ones for this year I came up with 
that are super easy and super inexpensive!

Idea #1:
Who doesn't love a super cute mug? 
There are so many around for $5 and under. 
I found this cute one at Hobby Lobby and it was on sale for half price. 
I added some mints (but you could add hot chocolate too!) and 
had a super cute gift for less than $5. 
Total Cost: $3.99

 Idea #2:
This idea is an one I'd see on Pinterest and absolutely loved! 
I created a tag for it last year but made a new one this year.
I purchased some super cute Christmas paper plates and napkins. 
All of those pictured below were purchased from Hobby Lobby and were half price. 
Total cost= $10

 Idea #3:
I use a Yeti (or Yeti-like) cup every single day all day long. 
When I found some super cute Christmas ones I knew I had to create a tag for them. 
If you wanted to add another little something to it- 
you could add either a Sonic or Starbucks gift card to the cup. 
Total cost= $10

Idea #4:
One of my favorite little gifts to give are socks from the fabulous Notes to Self Socks
I LOVE their socks- they have a pair for just about
 anyone you could want to buy a gift for!
This tag could work for any pair of socks but I added a pair 
of the Notes to Self I am joyful socks!
Aren't they adorable? 
Total Cost= $12.99

Idea #5:
I love to wrap gifts and there are so many cute kinds of wrapping paper 
out there that I thought it would make a fun gift. 
Total Cost= $8.99

I printed my tags on white cardstock- sometimes in wallet size and others in 4x6 
but they are all in JPG format so you can print them in any size you'd like!
You can find all of tags from this year and last year in the folder  HERE