Friday, November 16, 2018

MORE Chemo Treat Printables {& How to Start Your Own Chemo Fairy Group}

I started a group last year in my town called the Chemo Fairies. 
Each week we gather a little treat (usually something to eat) with a note 
that is tailored specifically for those going through chemo and
drop them off for cancer patients at our local cancer clinic. 
Each one is just a fun little something to remind them someone 
cares and is thinking of them.
Honestly the treat isn't the main thing, it's the fact that 
someone is thinking of, praying for, and rooting them on in this battle!

I created the first set of tags and placed them in my ETSY store HERE

Since then I added a second set HERE

Today I've added a third set  HERE

Treat tags included in Set #3: 
  • You are better than any treasure found at the end of a RAINBOW: Skittles
  • Roll on over that nasty told chemo: Fruit Roll Up
  • Thank you for RAISIN the bar on being amazing: Raisins
  • Chemo is SOUR and you are SWEET: Sour Patch Kids
  • Cancer is a big old fat JERK: Beef jerky
  • Cancer is absolutely, positively NUTS: Nuts
  • You are worth more than a 100 GRAND: 100 Grand candy bar
  • You're sure to be JOLLY when this yucky nasty chemo is over: Jolly Rancher
  • Please Take 5 and enjoy this little treat: Take 5 Bar
  • Fighting cancer has put you in a big, old CRUNCH: Crunch bar
  • Chemo is definitely something that will make you a little NUTTY: Nutty bar
  • You are the best, BAR NONE: Granola bar

I can't tell you what a blessing it has been to hear from friends 
and family of chemo patients 
who have received the treat and what a blessing they have been to them. 
It's truly an easy way to support someone who is going through an awful time.

How about getting a group together of your own Chemo Fairies
to bless those in your community going through chemo? 

To get started just....
  • Contact your local cancer center to ask permission & find out how many patients go through chemo each week
  • Purchase or create tags for each treat (tags are available for purchase in my ETSY store HERE)
  • Create a Google spreadsheet that lists the weeks, which treat will be given each week and a link to the tag to print (be sure to share the spreadsheet to anyone with the link so that folks can sign up on it). I also included details and delivery directions on my spreadsheet.
  • Share the spreadsheet with friends and have them sign up