Friday, December 15, 2017

Bible FAQ

When I post pictures or Instagram stories that include my Bible 
(I often share my morning devotions on my Instagram stories)

I usually get several questions about my Bible so 
I thought I would share about it in case others are interested too!

The main question I am asked is......
What bible do you use? 

The Bible I use is a parallel NIV and the Message bible and I ADORE it! 

I love that I can read a passage in both translations at the same time. 
I asked for this bible a few years ago because I found myself often looking up the Message translation after reading a verse or passage in my NIV bible
and decided it would be easier to have one single bible with both translations. 
I often look up other translations on Bible Gateway but these two are my first choices.

The one that I have is hardcover and is from Amazon  HERE

but they also have it imitation leather  HERE

and in pink  HERE

and even in large print  HERE

The second question I'm usually asked is....
What are the dates in your bible? 

I write the date when I read a verse in my Bible. 
I've been doing this for years and LOVE looking back 
and seeing when I previously read the same verse and thinking about 
what was going on in my life during that time. 
It's like a history of my scripture reading and God's faithfulness!

And the third question I am usually asked is...
Where did you get those cute tabs? 

I ordered them from a sweet girl, Jessica, at Joyful Journaling.
I love them! Although I know the books of the Bible, 
I love being able to find them quickly!