Monday, May 1, 2017


I have a confession to make. 
At least once a month I think 
(and sometimes say out loud)
"I'm quitting writing scripture writing plans. NO MORE. I am DONE."

Now as I write that I realize it sounds ridiculous. 
But let me explain. 

I get tons of emails each month from some sweet readers of my blog 
and followers of the scripture writing plans and I LOVE those emails. 
Seriously you can't imagine how much those sweet emails mean to me! 

They are full of stories of how the scripture writing plans have 
touched them, caused their relationship with Christ to grow, 
and how they are using them with friends, family members & those in their church. 
I can't begin to tell you how much I love those emails, am thankful for those sweet people 
who take time out of their busy schedule to write me & how much joy they bring to my heart. 
I love hearing how God is using my tiny works for His good 
and He is so very gracious to show me through those emails. 

However in addition to those precious emails....
I also get a handful of emails that I do NOT love. 
The kind that upset me and make me utter the statement above about quitting. 

Those emails are ones that complain & do so not very kindly.
Complain about the topic I chose for the month. 
Complain about the fact that there isn't a general plan for the month. 
Complain about the fact that there isn't a short plan. 
Complain that the new plan for the month hasn't been posted yet.
Complain about how the plans print on their printer. 
Just complain. 

And those emails make me sad. 
And sometimes I'll admit, angry. 
Angry because I do the plans in my spare time- of which I do not have much- and for FREE. 
(Fun fact: I don't make a single penny off of my blog and in fact running my blog COSTS me money
No sponsorship. No ads. Nada.) 

Like many of you, I have a super busy full time job, 
lots of volunteer opportunities I'm involved in, 
a family to love and take care of, a Bible study to teach, a blog to write 
and a million other tasks to accomplish each day. 

Writing a plan takes time and isn't something that I do quickly or take lightly. 
It takes time in the word to research and read. 
It takes time to create it, have it proofed, have it translated, format it, post it, etc. 
And I love doing it but when I get those emails it honestly makes me want to cry. 
And sometimes it does. 

As I was thinking of the latest not kind email I received late last night I realized something- 
those emails are having the EXACT effect that Satan would like for them to. 
He is CHEERING when they upset me and make me think of quitting. 
Because he would LOVE to cause me to quit writing those plans. 
Because he hates anything that would cause us to grow closer to the Lord. 

And that made me wish I was wearing this shirt of mine that I love: 
Because stupid, stinky Satan will not win. 
I will NOT quit doing something that I know God has called me to do. 

Galatians 6:9-10 says....
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.
Such a sweet reminder that when we are weary 
(and that's when Satan loves to attack us) 
we are to carry on doing good. 

So my prayer for you and for me this morning is that when folks 
around us are used by Satan to make us angry
 and want to quit doing those things God has called us to do- 
that we see that clearly and say loudly: 

PS If you have to write someone an email to complain, please try to at least say something kind in it too! 

PSS Y'all are so sweet! Thank you for your kind words on this post- I promise that was not my intent when writing this. 
But know that you have blessed me greatly with them!  


  1. I am thankful for your blog and the time you take to create the scripture writing plans. I, too, believe that you are called by God to do this and that the people who cause you grief will realize the blessing you give us. Thank you again! May God bless you and your efforts.

  2. So sorry people can be so cruel. When I first found your writing plan I was SO excited and shared with all my friends and family. My friends were so excited and followed them. Month and month went by and more began to follow along. Each month I would forward the plan to them. Along came another plan from another author and I began to to it all the while passing yours along to the ladies. For over a year I did this. I felt God calling me away from the plans to His plan which was for me. I then shared with my ladies that I would not be sending them and sent them the link for them to follow on their own. Never in my wildest dreams would I have sent you a note of discouragement because this was not for me. Funny thing is that I will read the scriptures, just not do the writing. It is a blessing each day to take a few moments to read. God bless you in all you do for the Kingdom.

  3. Keep fighting the good fight of faith, Shannon. Our pastor's wife makes copies of the plan each month to hand out at church. We really enjoy them. And yes, the enemy would do anything to keep people out of the Word. Thank you so much for your investment in so many lives. Blessings!

  4. I do appreciate all of your work in compiling these plans. I've written some myself and it does take a lot of time. God bless you richly!

  5. We use your scripture writing plans every month in our Life Group and we have benefited so much from them. Thank you for doing them! You are doing the good work of the Lord.

  6. I've used your plans for my daily quiet time for almost a year and a half. Every single day. I appreciate your efforts tremendously. Thank you!

  7. So sorry you have to deal with not so nice people. But I'm so thankful for your faith in continuing. Your scripture writing plans are changing lives! I share the plan each month with my Weight Watchers friends on Connect, and I also sent the whole year's worth to all my kiddos that I sponsor with Compassion International! So thank you, thank you, thank you for following what God has called you to do!

  8. Thank you for your monthly plans -- and this month's lock screen image for iPhones is wonderful. I post the plans on my both of my FB pages -- personal and professional author page -- and always ask, "Who's with me this month?" It's so fun to see other friends join in each month. I'm in my second year of using your plans and writing the verses each morning anchors my heart in the Truth. Thank you!

  9. Thank you so very much for your monthly scripture writing plans. While I can't speak for any of those complainers, they have certainly been a blessing for me! Praying for God to help you keep on keeping on and for him to give us all some wisdom and strength to know when to say "Not today, Satan!" And with that, I think I have some scripture writing to do. :)

  10. Sweet Shannon, Continue to lead God's people. You are a blessing!

  11. Isn't it wild how just a handful of the negative comments can take over the hundreds of good ones!! UGH!! I'm so sorry people have to be this way. But right on, not today - OR ANY DAY - Satan!!

  12. It makes my heart sad that people treat you this way. You don't have to do this and I'm thankful every month that you do this for us. I print of and share with at least 4 others. Every month. I may not have your gift to put it together but I can share with family and friends. (Yes they could do it themselves but they get confused so I can help in a small way) Thanks for blessing us in all you do. Delete the mean people. ��

  13. Ignore all the negative...your writing plans have made such a positive difference in my life. I get lost in the Bible when I am doing them. I also love the special topics. Right now I am doing Courage and I needed this at this time. So don't give up...don't give in. Know that God is blessing so many people with your work.

  14. Thank you for what you do. And you do it so well. And we all enjoy it for free....really, you have stars in your crown. Negative stuff is so sad...and yet we can't get it from our minds(we women excel at this.) So I say......."take every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ!" 2 Corinthians 10:5 and don't let that negative stuff bug you (I speak to myself too but this verse has helped!) Bless you.

  15. OHHHH Sweet Shannon. You have NO CLUE how much of an impact you are making here at my workplace. I work in a Clinic at our local Hospital. I began printing these plans out and as I did one day, felt to print it out for a coworker. That went on and now I print out about 12 and even give it to nurses and providers. One of my Doctors came in a couple months ago and said, thank you so much, you have no clue how much that has been helping me in the mornings before starting work. Same provider came last month and said how much she looks forward to getting those every month. The nurses moods are better, the secretaries are discussing the scriptures. Your obedience is impacting even the secular work place. You bet satan is mad. You keep doing what you are doing. You are impacting lives!

  16. Hi Shannon! Thank you for being transparent about your struggle when people behind keyboards fuss & complain about anything and everything. I've heard it said and preached many times that if satan isn't bothering us nor attacking us that means we're not being effective for the kingdom of God. With that said I truly believe you are being used mightily by God ��. I know it says in the Word to...Count it all joy...when we're tried and tested (James 1:2) yet in reality it's not that simple nor easy, I will be praying that when people feel entitled to attack, that God will work in them and turn their upset hearts into grateful hearts instead.

    May God remind me as well to show kindness & compassion to those I encounter throughout my life in this earth when they're not behaving nice.

    Again thanks for sharing and reminding us to be careful with our words.

  17. I am so thankful for your plans, and I am so thankful you have stood up against Satan w/ the strength of our Lord and said "NOT TODAY"!
    I wish you knew how much your writing plans have blessed me, and my friends that I have shared this with! You have a gift, and you are sharing Jesus with so many.
    Thank you,Thank you, Thank you! You are a blessing to me... and we have never even met!

  18. I am so sorry that others have been unkind in their comments to you! I found your blog through Southern Plate. And have been following your daily scripture writing plans for almost a year now. I LOVE THEM! And I know this is a very time intensive activity on YOUR part to put this together, but it is also very obvious the amount of time and prayer and love you put into these. And you offer them for FREE! when nothing is free anymore. Thank you!!! When I found you, I was a pastor's wife that was abused, bruised and battered by our last church calling... Your beautifully designed scripture writing sheets were a balm to my soul. I cannot begin to tell you how helpful they have been to me. And yes! I share them and your blog with others every chance I get! You are truly loved and precious to this sister in Christ!

  19. I am so sorry to hear that you are receiving negative comments! Some people are never satisfied. Your blog post this morning blessed me. We all have those things in our lives that will weigh us down and drain us. We can't let them and Satan keep us from doing God's will joyfully! Thanks for your diligence. I has encouraged me today to keep pressing on!

  20. Hi Shannon- Thank you so much for sharing what was on your heart. You just never know how much that blesses others! I share your scripture writing over at my "I Should Be Washing Clothes" blog every month. I appreciate you so much, for doing these. I get so much out of them! I, like you, get many comments with positive thoughts. However, I also get comments that make you want to throw your hands up & quit! You are doing a wonderful work of our Lord. Please don't let negative Nancys stop you from doing what you were meant to do. We can't let Satan win!! I will be praying for you! Love ya!

  21. Like many of the other friends who have commented, I totally understand the amount of time and love you put into your blog and scripture postings. Several years ago I tried to write a blog, but eventually I let other things take over my time. If you are interested, I did a scriptural based Lenten photograph challenge - one year! I have not repeated it, although I gained so much the year I did do it.

    Thank you for your commitment and know, as you mentioned, that the naysayers are not the ones you should listen to. Continue your witness as only God directs you.

  22. Monetize your blog if you feel guided to by the Lord! I am so grateful for these monthly scripture writing plans! God Bless You!

  23. Let me tell you a little story. A few months ago, at Bible Study, our preacher's wife introduced the idea of scripture writing. She gave us all little journals along with your list from last March. I wasn't sure if I scripture writing was for me, but I decided to try it.

    What a blessing! Yes, some of the selections are long, but that's ok, because it allows me to truly be absorbed in what God is saying.

    Well, by the next Bible study, the complainers were out in force, mostly saying the selections were too long. Last month she gave us a different, shorter, list. The effect on me was not the same.

    So rather than complain to her (she has a LOT on her plate), I decided to seek out the source of the March list and here I am! When I saw the topic of the list for May was "Anxiety/Fear", I almost cried! I have been struggling with anxiety of late, and I couldn't help but feel that my decision to look for you came directly from God.

    You keep doing what you're doing sister! God is using you in ways you can't imagine!

  24. I love your Scripture writing plans and appreciate them so much! Satan is more than stinky and stupid, but evil and wants only to destroy us (and I know you know that!) Thank you for continuing to write them...I love both topical and general---there is something very special about writing out the words---powerful! There are people who are always going to complain, unfortunately (they would complain even if you hung them with a new rope!! ;) ) God wants us to live in gratitude for the blessings and gifts of grace we are given each day, in many ways. Thankful you are keeping on keeping on........not today satan!

  25. I recently found you because someone that I recently friended on FB shared your May plan. A lot of her friends wanted to form an accountability group that a number of us joined. My husband is even going to join in with me! I want to THANK YOU for doing this! I am so glad to have found you!

  26. Thank you for Sweet blessings. Everyone needs encouragement. The word says to encourage one another daily. You do that. Thank you.

  27. I am so sorry that you have negative comments to deal with. These scripture writing plans are a treasure! I can't even imagine why they would complain? Please know that your scripture writing plan is a blessing and a ministry to many. I have my teenage son use them as part of his Bible class in our homeschool. The kindness one has been especially good. May the Lord bless you and strengthen you. Thank you!!!!

  28. I've been using your plans for about 2 months now. Several months ago my husband let me know that he thought we needed to be done. Take a break. Go our separate ways. Until you walk this road, you cannot understand how you are just managing to survive (especially when you do NOT want to go your separate ways). Your writing plans have been a scriptural way to put one foot in front of the other. Some days (most days) you're just trying to breathe. Doing a "Bible study" where you have to work at it is not an option. But just writing words...this I can do. And the words still get to me. May's topic was grief. I'm telling you - you picked right. Don't listen to them. Keep doing them. I, for one, am grateful.
    AND - I NEED to know where you got your shirt. See...I'm fighting for my marriage. It's been four months...he has a girlfriend...but he hasn't left me yet. I believe God has promised reconciliation. But I need all the help I can get and that shirt is something I must wear because we wrestle not against flesh and blood!! :) (And if anyone wants to pray for us, I'll take it!)

    1. Oh Carrie! I have been in your shoes (my first marriage) and I so know what you mean- it's a struggle to just get out of bed sometimes. So thankful the plans have been a blessing to you and that you are fighting for your marriage! I absolutely will be praying for you sweet sister!

      The shirt I got at a little store while out of town but if you Google "Not Today Satan shirt" you'll find lots of options- even on Amazon!

    2. I found one that day on for $5! Can't beat that with a stick. It's on its way to me and I'm so excited! Thank you for everything, sweet sister - for sharing your plans, for sharing your marriage story with me, and for your prayers. They are SO needed and so appreciated. <3 Keep fighting the good fight!

  29. I'm so glad you decide every month to obey Galatians 6:9-10! Your writing plans mean so much to so many. I share them with my Sunday School class every month and last month's Grief plan was right on target. My SS teacher decided to pick up a couple of extras, just in case. Little did she know her own dad would be called to Glory 3 days later. She said it was such a blessing to her mother to have it. We love you and appreciate your faithfulness so much!

  30. That makes me so sad that people would complain about those things! I love your blog and the scripture writing plans you offer each month! I share them on our women's ministry FB page and our women love them. I had someone tell me Sunday that she was so excited to see the Spanish version because she is a Spanish teacher and is going to offer this as an assignment for her students. Thank you so much for blessing so many women through your blog and writing plan! You are so sweet to take your time and do this for others! May God continue to bless you and your family!

  31. It occurred to me as I read your post that I have never thanked you for the "sweet blessing" you so generously provide me every morning. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!! Recently I realized that I have been writing Scripture for over a year now - thanks to you! Don't let the grouchies get you down. GOD is doing wondrous things through you. I am committed to praying for you regularly that GOD will continue strengthen and comfort you in this great work.
    PS - love the shirt:)

  32. I just posted your writing schedule on fear/anxiety on my Facebook page today before I read this post. I wanted to let you know about some of the people that are joining me in this month writing. One sweet friend is one year sober...she has some health issues that she is struggling with but she is writing with us. One friend just found out that her 8 year old daughter has Hodgkins Lymphomia and she just started treatment at St. Jude's. She is writing with us. One friend lost her mom last year and it is hard getting through the year. Several of us are in ministry and that gets hard some days. Thank you for producing these and thank you for not giving up.

  33. Thank you for your sacrifice. I found your writing plans January 2016 and have enjoyed this time with God's Word for over a year. I pray your continued strength in helping others like me stay in the Word of God everyday. Peace and Blessings.

  34. Thank you for your diligence and sacrifice in doing what God has called you to do - and that which blesses so many of us each day. Thank you for recognizing that Satan wants you to stop bringing us closer to God and spending time in His Word. And thank you for persevering. I truly appreciate your work. It has blessed my life.

  35. Shannon...I just want to say THANK YOU for sharing your Scripture Writing Plans each month!! I may have shared previously... I created a Facebook group 11 months ago based on your writing plans. A friend and I would take turns writing our thoughts after writing each day, sharing how those verses spoke to us. As of today, we have 502 women who have joined us in the group, and 7 different women who take a turn writing each day of the week. I can't tell you the number of women who have reached out and told me how writing scripture has breathed new life into their time in the Word! So...thank you! And keep saying, "NOT TODAY, SATAN!! MY GOD IS BIGGER AND STRONGER." ❤️

  36. My mom had been doing these scripture plans for a few months, when she decided to print some out and make it part of the curriculum for my younger brothers and I (we are homeschooled) We have been doing them for just over a year and I've loved it. I have now started writing it in both English and Spanish to practice my Spanish. Thank You so much for writing these!

  37. I randomly found your Scripture Writing plans on Pinterest as I was searching for a way to stay in the scripture. I had 12 months of plans (last years') printed and bound into the back of my calendar/planner. I get up early each morning and drink coffee, copy the scripture into my little journal, highlight that scripture in my Bible and spend a few minutes in reflection of God's word. It has been a sweet, consistent time of worship for me. Just this morning, I was thinking, "I have to find the person who wrote these plans and thank her". When I found your blog, there was your post about the discouragement you feel when your hear complaints. I love your plans. They have enriched my life, and I am grateful. Thank you! Lauri

  38. I just found this blog, and started last night on the Anxiety and Fear plan. I was so surprised to see how writing the scriptures made me connect with each word and truth. Thank your! PS I want this shirt! (not yours, one like it. :) ) I've often felt and thought what you have in my ministry job. (hugs)

  39. Earlier this evening, my husband and I were at the bookstore and I told him how I had just finished a month of using your scripture writing plan. I wanted to buy a new journal to use for the next few months. I told him how much I had benefitted from taking time to write and meditate on Scripture. I shared with him how the Lord had not only encouraged my own soul through this, but also brought me many opportunities to share a scripture that I had just written in the morning with someone later that day. I just wanted to stop by and and say "Thank you" for posting these and making them available to all of us!- God's Word always accomplishes HIs purposes and never returns void! So many women have been blessed and encouraged by your faithfulness!

  40. I came across your bible verses on Pinterest today and went to your web site. I read your message, and just let me say, "Not by chance." Don't get discouraged. You now have a new visitor who hopes to inspire you as you have inspired me. Keep allowing God to use you, in hope that maybe even the critics will feel rebuked for their ungodly behaviors.

  41. Don't give up! As you said, "Not today, Satan!" I love your scripture plans. I am not as faithful in doing them as I should be, but I love the journal of scriptures that I have and it encourages me to read through it. I am about to send your April plan to a friend who lost her son last month.

  42. You're scripture plans helped me to get back into the word many months ago - for that I am SO grateful! I definitely appreciate what you do and know that you are making a difference to so many women!

  43. Oh Shannon! I am praying for you and thanking our Lord for you. Please be encouraged and NEVER let Satan's work be your guide. May EVERY day NOT be Satan's day. God bless you and your work, sweet lady. I appreciate you and all you have been called by God to do. I love you and your bible writing plans. Please do not stop. Love in God's mighty name, Michelle

  44. Oh goodness...I wrote this long comment but wasn't logged into my google account and it kicked me out. You are so loved and appreciated and treasured. I moved overseas with my family a few months ago, and today is the first time I've been able to make time to write my verses out. I was so excited to see your May 2017 verses...they made this homesick girl feel very comforted. Just like Nehemiah, you're doing a great work and cannot come down to the level of the stinkers. :-) I'm so sorry they've made you feel badly. People are so much faster to complain than praise. I've loved this site for nearly two years now. Thank you for doing what you do. <3

  45. Not Today! My two friends and I started our "806" Bible study using your plans one year ago - at 8:06 in the morning which was the time I could get out of the house-with Forgiveness. We all walked through some big stuff and met every day of that study. Life changing. We now meet weekly and chat daily via messenger over the scriptures. Our friendship is deep and our lives are changed for the better.

  46. Love the shirt!! AND YES NOT TODAY!!

  47. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for not quitting! I am very new to studying the Bible, prayer journals and Bible journaling and truly appreciate the help that guides like yours give me. It makes me sad to hear about anyone who would find anything to complain about these lovely gifts you provide for us. I truly appreciate you for taking the time to spread God's good word in these guides.

    I hope this will be a wonderful week for you and your family.

  48. I'm so thankful you didn't let Satan and the negative nellies win!!! I admire and just LOVE your scripture writing plans. They've been a HUGE hit in my YouTube channel. Thank you for taking your very little time to create these because you don't have to. I soooooo appreciate what you are doing. God Bless you and keep fighting the good fight. ((Hugs)) and Blessings

  49. I just recently found your writing plans and blog. Thank you for sharing your feelings and this blog even though it was several months ago almost a year ago actually that I'm discovering it today Satan tried to steal my joy and I just appreciate your words and heart that you shared here. Thank you may God bless and you have a wonderful Easter.