Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Want to be a RAOK Ninja?

Back in 2013 when I started going to MD Anderson 
I created some little notes to post in bathrooms. 
I originally created them before my surgery because 
I prepared a little list of RAOK for Madison 
and her sweet friends who spent my surgery day with her to do. 
I loved thinking of them performing acts of kindness at MD Anderson
instead of just sitting and worrying about me.



Ever since then I've kept some of the signs in my purse along with some washi tape
 and I put them up each time I visit MDA for follow up visits
 and again this year when diagnosed with Melanoma and becoming a patient once again. 
I always visit every bathroom I pass on the way to my appointments
and honestly I feel like a little RAOK ninja! 

I decided it was time to add some new signs to my stash and 
so I've created a few more to post when 
I head to MDA to get my stitches out today. 


You can print out a copy of these notes in a folder HERE
Post them at work, at school, in a hospital, a dressing room- anywhere!
You never know who might find the notes and
 that it might just be exactly what they need at that moment!