Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sometimes Things ARE Crappy

I am an optimist and believe that a positive attitude is a choice and makes a huge difference. 
Our lives are full of blessings- we just have to look and acknowledge them. 
I try to speak kindly and positively to those around me 
and think that most of the time I am successful. 

But sometimes y'all, things are just crappy. 
Like seriously crappy. 
Crappy crappy.

A marriage that falls apart and a spouse leaves?  Crappy. 
A cancer diagnosis? Crappy. 
The loss of a job or home? Crappy.
A relationship broken beyond repair? Crappy. 
Someone you love with an addiction they don't see and won't get help for? Crappy. 
The death of someone you love? Crappy. 

God did not say that we would be without trouble in this world- in fact he said the opposite. 
In John 16:33 he says....
I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. 

He didn't say MAY.
He said WILL.  
We live in a sinful, fallen world and bad things can and will happen. 

And it's funny but I've noticed lately that 
some people do NOT like you admitting that things are crappy. 

I think there are times when we need friends to remind us of the goodness of the Lord,
of the blessings we do have, and point us to the light found only in Him.

But sometimes, I think we need someone to sit beside us
and not try to fix anything or cheer us up,
but say...."You are right. That stinks."
To validate that it's okay to admit that things are crappy.

Now I don't mean to camp out there and wallow in that but to
briefly acknowledge the stinkiness of the situation.

As a super positive person I've found recently that people often don't
 like it when I say something stinks.
When things are crappy my favorite saying is Crap on a Cracker.
I love it so much that I had my sweet friend Kathryn
(of the fabulous Feathered Nest Boutique)
 make me a shirt that said Crap on a Cracker. 

I was so excited about this shirt because it made me laugh and I knew it would
be absolutely perfect to wear to MD Anderson when I went for surgery recently.

I loved it even more when my sweet friends Jamee and Betty ordered one too
and wore it when they came to MDA that day to wait with my 
daddy and husband while I was in surgery. 

And y'all it was perfect.
When I wanted to cry- it made me laugh.

I got some flack though when I posted a pic of the shirt. 
Several people said it wasn't a very nice statement 
and they were shocked and appalled that I would wear such a shirt.
But y'all...sometimes things ARE crappy. 

And I pray that when something is crappy for someone in my life-
that I'm able to sit and hold their hands-
like these (and other) sweet friends did for me-
and say....It is crappy and I'm sorry.