Thursday, February 16, 2017

Scripture Prayer Cards

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I'm a HUGE  believer in the power of prayer. 
I think many people WANT to pray but 
sometimes we all struggle though with not that we should pray,
but WHAT specifically we should pray. 

So a few years ago I made some prayer cards. 
I made one set of things that I wanted to daily pray 
my daughter and another set of things
 I wanted to pray specifically for my husband. 

Each card includes a prayer and a scripture. 
I printed them out 4 per page, cut them out, 
laminated them and put them on a ring. 
I keep them in my purse and they are a great reminder 
to me to pray specifically for those I love the most.  
If I'm stuck in traffic or line somewhere I'll pull them out and quickly pray. 
I love having something specific to pray- rather than just a general prayer. 

I have given these cards to lots of friends as gifts 
and have so loved hearing how much they have loved and used them. 

One friend has her set for her husband in the shower 
(since her set is laminated) and 
prays for her husband every day while she showers. 
Such a smart use of time isn't it?

Another friend who I gave a set to for her son says 
them out loud to him while he eats breakfast each morning.  
He got so used to hearing them that he has memorized 
the prayers and one day she sent me a video 
of him saying some of the prayers himself! 
So precious and such a great reminder that little ears are ALWAYS listening.

I have the cards listed in my ETSY store as instant downloads!
 As instant downloads you can purchase a set, print them out 
and keep them for yourself or give them as a gift! 

The great thing about a digital download
 is that you can print as many copies as you'd like
(as long as you aren't selling them for profit!).
So you buy once, and can print multiple copies!

All of the cards can be found HERE in my ETSY store.

The praying for your husband set comes in 3 different colors (navyred, or green) and come 16 to a set. Each of the 16 cards has a prayer and a scripture reference and are great to keep in your purse and card as a reminder to pray often for you husband. They would be great to give at Christmas but also make a super sweet wedding or anniversary gift!

The praying for your daughtersonchildren, or grand children come 14 to a set and can be printed 4 per page. Each of the 14 cards has a prayer and a scripture reference.and are great to keep in your purse and card as a reminder to pray often for you sweet children. They would be great to give at Christmas but also make a super sweet baby shower gift!

All the digital download sets have general names on them (son, daughter, children, grand children, husband) but if you'd like one with a specific name, you can purchase the listing HERE and I'll be happy to personalize a download for you and create a custom order. 

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