Sunday, December 11, 2016

Delivery Driver Treats

Our Amazon delivery drivers are crazy hardworking & so appreciated-
especially this time of year. 

We had 4 deliveries (one before 8am!) Saturday alone! 
So after the third I decided I needed to leave them some little thank you treats! 

I made a little sign and grabbed some Gatorade and snacks and set them on the porch. 
I was super excited to see some missing after the 4th delivery driver left!
My snacks weren't super fabulous since I just used what I had on hand
but when I went to the store today I got some good stuff and lots
more Gatorade- since it seems like everyone has taken that. 

If you'd like to print out your own copy of the note you can find one HERE
I printed it out and taped it to a paper sack and my basket came from the Target $ Spot. 

Let's bless those hard working delivery drivers!