Wednesday, September 28, 2016

October Scripture Writing Plan 2016

Happy, happy, happy almost October!

Once again- thank you from the bottom of my heart
 to those that have emailed me this month to
tell me how much you like these little scripture writing plans!

I try to respond to each email but please know if I don't that I
seriously LOVE hearing stories of how families,
and Sunday School groups, and churches, and friends,
and even prison groups
are working through the plans together.
GOD is so cool how He uses our simple works for HIS good and glory!

This month I felt it would be good to do both a general plan AND
 a topical one so you have a choice!

The topical one is on kindness.

Quick NOTE: When doing the monthly plans (especially the topical ones)
I may occasionally repeat verses- since they are appropriate for more than one topic.
Please know that I work to keep repeats to a minimum
(I actually keep a big old spreadsheet to keep from having too many repeats) 
but occasionally it will happen!
You can find a copy to print out for yourself of the above plans in the folder HERE.

For those that have asked, there is also a blank form 
to write your verses on that can be found HERE

Thanks to a sweet reader named Carolyn, 
you can also find the Spanish version of both HERE.

Another reader asked for a version that was more manly (for her husband) 
so you can also find that version HERE

And I've also added the Spanish plain versions as well!


  1. Thank you so much for these scripture writing plans! Spending the time with scripture has become a wonderful daily divine appointment.
    Blessings to you and your family!

  2. I'm so grateful to you for writing these up and sharing them with us. It has helped bring back discipline to my slacking spiritual life. My sister and I hold each other accountable to write our verses each day. May God bless you richly, and each brother & sister that worked to keep His word in their heart.

    1. This is my 3rd month of writhing and I am now inviting my sister to join in! Although I do not write everyday like I should I skip a couple of day then pick up where I left off. But boy let me tell you it's not long before I get this sense of anxiety that I can only release by writing! Funny how God works

  3. Thank you for taking the time to make these! I've been using these since Feb!

  4. These lessons has been truly a blessing in my life. Thanks so much my walk is stronger.

  5. These lessons has been truly a blessing in my life. Thanks so much my walk is stronger.

  6. Thank you for the scripture writing. I have been doing them since December. I enjoy doing them. I was wondering if I there was a hash tag that I could use to tag you in it on Facebook?

  7. Thank you for doing this for us every month. I'm a "scanner" reader and I realize how much I miss in the scriptures when I just read. Especially the most familiar ones that are alive and active but I couldn't see it for zooming through it!

  8. Thank you so much for this! I am using your monthly writing plans as part of a Scripture Journaling class I am teaching at a homeschool co op. There are 14 kids in the class ranging from 5th to 12th grade. They work on the daily writing at home and then we talk about what verses stood out to us when we meet once a week.

  9. Thank you so much for these! Is there a way to print them for a personal size planner. Tried to scale down the size but just prints it very tiny with way too much white space lol.

  10. You can print the PDF version two per page and it makes it smaller. Just choose multiple in your printing options!

  11. Thank you so much for offering these!! And I love that you have one with out printer is not great with color....or rather the teens in my house use up my color way too fast!!

  12. Thank you so much for offering these. I am getting so much more out of scripture by writing, making notes and meditating each night before bed. I am doing the general and the kindness as well. These put me in such a good place and I found that the one or two times I couldn't get to them before bedtime I had difficulty sleeping. Thanks again.

  13. I have used many of your scripture plans, but the topical ones like the kindness one are my favorites. Thank you for the work you put into these