Wednesday, April 6, 2016

GOOD News 4/6/16

I love happy stories.
You know, those happy, inspiring, tear producing stories that
remind you there IS good in the world!
I LOVE those so very much!  
I love them so much that I seek them out
daily to remind me of the good in people!

I share lots of those types of stories on Facebook 
but here are a few of my favorites from the past week!

This precious grandma waved at the bus every day as it went past. 
Then she got a big surprise! So sweet!

This story? Amazing!
Ex-homeless man gives $10,000 to high school 
after 2 teens buy him a ticket home!

They are backpacking through Europe- 
and taking their disabled friend with them. 
Carrying him on their backs! 

If the station had closed the girl would have had to walk 73 minutes every morning to catch a 9am train in a neighboring town. So instead- they kept it open till she graduated!