Thursday, February 25, 2016

March Scripture Writing Plan 2016

I love the end of each month because I get flooded 
with emails and messages asking when I'll be posting 
the Scripture Writing Plan for the new month. 

I seriously LOVE hearing stories of how families,
and Sunday School groups, and churches, and friends 
are working through the plans together. 
GOD is so cool how He uses 
our simple works for HIS good and glory! 

So for those following along, 
here's the plan for the month of March. 

You can find a copy to print out for yourself in the folder HERE.

For those that have asked, there is also a blank form 
to write your verses on that can be found HERE

Thanks to a sweet reader you can also find the Spanish version HERE.

And thanks to another sweet reader you can also find a shortened version HERE

Another reader asked for a version that was more manly (for her husband) 
so you can also find that version HERE