Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hey YOU! Did you know....

I don't know about you but there are some days 
that I SO need the reminder that God loves me. 

I mean, I KNOW intellectually that He does- 
but sometimes when things are yucky 
(root canals and rashes and a mouse in your house, OH MY!)
I tend to forget the truth that....

He is always with me......If anyone leaves, it's me, not Him.
He will bless me......Just not always in the ways I think.
He will provide for me......ALWAYS. 
He will give me rest......If I will listen.
He will go before me.....And with me. 
He will guide me.....I just have to seek Him. 
He will answer me.....If and when I shut up long enough to listen. 
He will strengthen me........He IS my strength. 
He will always love me.....NOTHING can separate me from His love. 

I typed up a little reminder for myself 
and to post in bathrooms and mirrors and bulletin boards- 
for anyone that might need the reminder too! 

You can print out your own copy HERE.  


  1. Thank you, Shannon. I SO needed this reminder today, and there it popped, into my blog feed. God is SO so gracious and good.

  2. LOVE this Shannon...thank you so's on our breakfast table for the morning reminders as everyone goes about their day. <3

  3. great witnessing tool. post on the grocery etc bill board ;)