Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Randomness

How is it already the end of July? 
Holy guacamole! 
I always have these grand intentions of blogging more in the summer- and yet that never seems to happen. I work for a school district but I'm a year round employee so summer is the busiest time of year for me because I'm working on tons of projects including a big event on August 18th!
I think just about every day...I need to blog that and yet clearly have failed to do so.  

So here are a few of my favorite things this summer: 

Anything by Jennie Allen:
Doing a summer bible study with some sweet friends and it is FABULOUS! 
We are doing Anything by Jennie Allen. It is stepping ALL over my toes but I love it!  
The videos are FREE and online and I truly recommend it! 

I'm loving the group of ladies and we are even doing a craft/art activity after each Bible study session and it's been so fun! It reminds me of what I bet it used to be like when ladies had quilting bees! It's been such a fun time of conversation and fellowship! 

Takeya Pitcher & their AWESOME tea:
My sweet friend Sherri told me about this great tea pitcher so I ordered
 one and I SO love it because you make, serve, and store it all in the same place!
The pitcher has an air tight lid and is tall and skinny so 
it fits in the door of the fridge or can be laid down on a shelf!
Here's how it works: 
1. POUR: For best results, choose your favorite pre-measured Iced Tea packet and pour into the tea infuser. 2. BREW: Pour hot water into the pitcher, filling halfway. Twist tea infuser into the lid then lower infuser into the pitcher. This will make a concentrated brew. 3. FLASH CHILL:Remove tea infuser and detach from lid. Fill pitcher to the top with ice, seal the lid then shake for 30 seconds. Tea will be diluted to the perfect strength.

My good friends know I LOVE LOVE LOVE my laminator and use it ALL the stinkin' time! 
The one I have is one sale today for 59% off! It is AWESOME!
Normally $80, it's on sale for only $33!

Doing a fundraiser for my precious friend J battling cancer for the third time 
by selling this super cute Be the Light shirt! 
It comes in both v-neck and crew neck and in 5 different colors!
If you are interested in helping support this sweet mama of two, click the link HERE