Monday, February 23, 2015

Don't Limit Me

You simply must read this letter from a 15 year old girl named Emily with Down Syndrome
posted by Beth Foraker. 

These are her hopes after high school: 

Her plan: 
1. Go to college
2. Keep learning. {LOVE this so!}
3. Graduate like normal kids. 

Three jobs she would like to have: 
1. Make up artist
2. Teach toddlers in preschool
3. Make fruit smoothies

Three things she needs: 
1. Have the peer tutors put their phones away and help me. {this breaks my heart}
2. I want the teachers to treat me kind. Don't act like you are frustrated with me. I have Down Syndrome and need help. {wow}
3. I want the teachers to see how smart I am. 

On the back of her note Emily wrote: 
"Time to see what I can do to test the limits and break through. 
Don't limit me." 

Just wow. 
Sweet Emily is so wise. 
What an amazing reminder to us all!