Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shannon's Sweet Finds

I love to read and I read A LOT. 
I usually read on my Kindle app and because I am a fast reader
 I am always looking for books that have gone free or are 
on great sale each day in the Kindle store
so I don't have to spend a huge fortune to feed my reading habit.  

As I hunt for free and sale books each morning I usually come up with 
quite a big list of books that are great deals. 
I often post them on my personal Facebook page but was hesitant
 to do so every day for fear of irritating my Facebook friends who aren't big readers.  

But then I started hearing from reading friends how 
much they loved the free or sale book posts and several said...
Why don't you start a FB page so you can post them everyday?
So...I did! 

Shannon's Sweet Finds is an open page where I post free and/or sale books each day.  

I only post about twice a day- with a single post 
for sale books and another for free books- 
with more books in the comments of each post. 

The thing to remember is that Amazon prices can change hourly, 
so grab these quickly before they go back to full price.

And if you didn't know it already, you can give free or sale Kindle books to others! 
Check out my post on my other blog HERE to find out how! 
It's super easy and a great way to share good deals with a friend!