Friday, October 17, 2014

Bible Study & Prayer Journal

A few months ago I started looking for a Bible study and 
prayer journal but couldn't find any that were set up the way 
I wanted and included all the things I wanted it to so...
I decided to make my own so that I could customize it the way I wanted it. 

I worked on it for about six weeks and started thinking- 
if I make this a printable journal, there might be some others that would want one too!

So after lots of great input from sweet friends,
 I finally finished it and just posted it in my ETSY store!
{I'm so excited!}

It includes 3 different editable cover options

 and 26 printable pages including:
  • Books of the Bible
  • Sermon Notes (2)
  • 30 Day Scripture Writing Plan (3)
  • Writing Scripture 
  • Bible Study Notes (2)
  • Prayer Requests (2)
  • Praying for Those I Love
  • Verses to Memorize (2)
  • Printable Memory Verse Cards (3)
  • Editable Printable Memory Verse Cards 
  • I am Thankful for...
  • Count your Blessings
  • Where or how did God show himself to me today?
  • Song Lyrics I LOVE
  • Quotes to Remember
  • Notes (3)

You can print the pages full sheet sized or 1/2 sheet sized. 
The great thing is that you can print as many copies of each page as you need! 

It's truly been a labor of love and I pray that it's a blessing to those who purchase it!

If you are interested, here's a page from the journal as a FREEBIE just for you- 
The 30 Day Scripture Writing Plan #1 can be found HERE
{Black and white version can be found HERE}