Friday, January 31, 2014

You are going to be OK

I absolutely adore Ann Voskamp. 
Her words are beautiful. 
I am blessed every single time I read her writing and
I often find myself returning to her blog posts and devotionals 
over and over again.  

This week I returned to one of my favorite of her entries
to share with a sweet, struggling friend.  

I decided that I need a copy of her precious words to share
and though you too might need to be reminded
that there IS a plan and purpose 
and you are going to be okay. 

You can print your own copy HERE. 
{both PDF and JPG}

{Several of you noticed an error in the 6th line- thank you!
I copied the quote straight from Ann's blog - so the mistake was 
in her original blog post. I've since fixed it and the link will take you to the corrected copy!}


  1. Thank you...printing this for my family as a reminder that we are always lived!

  2. I read Ann every day. She is truly gifted - as are you.

  3. Shannon,
    I keep you in my prayers and think of you often. I hope you are doing well. Many BLESSINGS to you for the joy that you share with others!

  4. Hi Shannon! Great to see several posts from you! I think you know I LOVE your stuff!!! I do have a request Do you think that when you make things in the 'chalkboard' style you could also make them in a less ink intensive form too? It just takes so much ink to print. Maybe even still a chalkboard style but like a washed out teal background or something {not sure how that would look} but one that wouldn't use up so much ink. I hope you are fully recovered now!!
    The Apple Basket Teacher

  5. Just noticed and wanted to share... line 6 the 'he's hasn't' doesn't make sense. Seems it should be 'he hasn't'. :)

  6. Hi Shannon, I have followed your Technology Rocks blog as part of my PLN for a while and recently found you on Twitter. I also regularly read Ann Voskamp's A Holy Experience blog, but it wasn't until today that I found your Blessings blog through a link there! From there I was able to read about the journey God has taken you on with brain surgery and your recovery! Wow! I was so touched by your story and how God blessed you in the midst of the difficult times. Such a perfect example of the "ugly-beautiful" Ann writes of so often! My family experienced the "ugly-beautiful" when my 9 yr. old nephew was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in 2004. It was a journey that none of us would have chosen, but one that brought so many blessings to our family and our entire community. I will continue to pray for your full healing and that your faith will continue to grow deeper and stronger as you recover and heal. Thank you for sharing your story and know that others are blessed through it! Thank you for all the great resources that you gather for teachers like me that are just starting this technology journey in the classroom! You are very gifted and your willingness to share that with others is a testimony of your faith and the God you serve!
    Blessings in Christ, Vanessa R.